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Colin O’Donoghue is an Irish actor/musician. He was born in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland on January 26th, 1981. He is best known for his role as Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time and his role as Michael Kovak in the Rite.

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Ahoy there!
I will be attending Xivents’ Fairy Tales III convention and thought of making a fan magazine for Colin, but I will need your help for this. We’re going to create a special magazine that will contain all our messages: it will be a magazine filled with all the fans’ messages. You can also send in pictures, poems, fanart and whatever else you want to send in. The only thing we ask of you is to send the message in English.

• Message: Whatever you want, long, short, doesn’t matter at all.
• Pictures: Again whatever you want!
• Fanart & edits: drawings, edits, manips, anything else you made of Colin.
• What do you like most about Colin?
• One word to describe Colin?
• Deadline: 1st of April 2015

How can you send this to us? Either you fill in the form HERE or send us an email

Colin will get this magazine so PLEASE participate so Colin can read all of your lovely messages. I hope you will all send us a message for Colin!

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4. @niyati_92: Do Emma and Killian have a convo about everything that occurred in 4A? Or do they have any heart-to-heart convo?
They actually have both! Their biggest and most swoon-worthy conversation happens in the sheriffs’ office in episode 14. Kitsis teased that Emma is “beginning to open her heart up,” and it most certainly shows. And, as we’ve said before, Emma and Hook have coffee in Sunday’s premiere. Note: By coffee, we mean the dark-colored liquid that many drink to stay awake. As for the nookie-nickname that the Captain Swan fandom has created? All we can say is stay tuned…

8. @CapitainSwan__: I heard that Hook and Belle became good friends. Can you tell us anything more about their friendship?
We can tell you that we adore this friendship more than a basket full of newborn kittens. Seeing Hook comfort Belle in a moment of sadness — and vice-versa — will warm your heart. Plus, the fact that they are combining their brilliant minds to solve a puzzling case, makes us wish they had their own spin-off procedural called CSI: Storybrooke.

13. @good_plain_jane: Do we get to see any of Hook’s insecurities that Adam & Eddy were talking about? Or any clue which QOD he knows?
We’re definitely getting a deeper peek at the internal struggles that Hook is battling with. “We are going to realize that he has got some things going on in his head that he is concerned about,” Kitsis shared. As for which Queen of Darkness Hook shares a past with? We can’t tell you who it is, but we can tell you that Emma’s wave of jealousy/curiosity after seeing [Spoiler] and Hook’s first encounter back together is definitely worth-watching.

18. @ouat_csfan_: Can we get a quote between Hook and someone?
“Love is a weapon.” — Hook to Belle.

22. @Melaniee_27: On a scale of 1 to captain swan heaven how perfectly cute is captain swan in 4×12 and 4×13?
Okay, let us put it this way. Take a look at this puppy…
You know those feeling you’re feeling right now? High pitched squeals of delight, wanting to scream “Suh kewt!” and the overpowering instincts to smother it with love and affection? That’s CaptainSwan in the first episode back.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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With the drama taking a temporary lull in Storybrooke, it appears that Hook and Emma will finally find the time for a romantic dinner for two on this Sunday’s return episode of Once Upon a Time

Until someone else joins their party, that is.

However, several Storybrooke residents don’t look nearly as happy as these two in the following episodic photos, unveiled this week by ABC.

Regina finds solace in her son now that the love of her life as left town…with his wife. And Belle doesn’t appear to be in a party mood since she banished her husband to the real world.

Speaking of which, what is Mr. Gold up to now that he’s out in the big city without his magic?

1. A Romantic Evening – Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 13
Now that there is a lull in the drama in Storybrooke, Hook and Emma finally get to enjoy a romantic evening.

2. An Interruption – Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 13
Is someone trying to interrupt their evening or did Hook say something to put that look on Emma’s face?

3. Party of Three – Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 13
Well, it appears that Regina has joined their party. That does take the romance out of things.

6. All Smiles – Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 13
Hook and Mary Margaret might be all smiles but we doubt Belle is feeling up for a party after she banished her husband from Storybrooke.


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The first half of “Once Upon a Time’s” Season 4 ended Dec. 14, and the excitement for what’s coming to Storybrooke is mounting. The fall finale left more than one character’s fate in question and introduced three new(-ish) villains that will be serving up a lot of trouble when the show returns on March 1.

With so many things going on and so many storylines to keep track of, Zap2it thought it was time to put together a compendium of what’s been released and what you can expect to be coming up (at least so far).

– The fairies haven’t been forgotten: Horowitz and Kitsis also revealed that fans will soon find out what’s happened to the fairies who Hook trapped in the sorcerer’s hat. They have not been forgotten and hopefully they’ll be returned back to their normal lives and homes.

– Emma and Hook are going to be OK: Smooth relationships aren’t really a thing in Storybrooke, but Emma and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) will have a chance to really grow as a couple in the second half of Season 4b. O’Donoghue explained during a recent Zap2it set visit that Hook will help fill the void left by Elsa (Georgina Haig) going back to Arendelle. However, he will be seeking revenge against Rumple.

-Hook also has a past with the Queens of Darkness: Colin O’Donoghue revealed to Zap2it that Hook will also have a past with one of the Queens. He didn’t tell us who, but considering his time on the ocean the best guess is that he crossed paths with Ursula. (He also says he hasn’t filmed anything with Dalmatians yet so that makes Cruella unlikely).


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