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Posted on November 30th, 2015 by Naomi

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Posted on November 30th, 2015 by Sheila

I have to admit that there are times when I’ve planned on giving up Once Upon A Time. I have genuinely loved the show for a long time, but sometimes it feels like there is too much good TV on. Today, however, was not one of those days. Season 5 has injected new creative juices into the show, and it has become so much more compelling to watch than the few previous seasons. After a long weekend filled with turkey and travelling, the last thing I wanted to do was sit down with this episode, but “Broken Heart” proved absolutely worth my while, and was probably the best episode of the season.

This week on Once Upon A Time: Hook, now with his memories in tact, traps Emma and frees Zelena. Then, he sets out to get his revenge on Emma, Rumplestiltskin, and everyone in Storybrooke. The flashbacks provide further information on Hook’s dark adventures in Camelot, and reveal why Emma stole everyone’s memories. Robin and Regina try to fight Zelena with good instead of evil. Rumple and Hook battle.

Honestly, this episode had me enthralled. As I’ve talked about in my previous reviews, I really appreciated the new direction that Emma has gone this season. That being said, doing the same thing with Hook was even better. As much as I appreciate the leather-clad smoldering and quick, witty comments that Hook usually provides to Once, “Broken Heart” returned him to his villainous ways. Motivated by a ‘broken heart’, revenge, and everything in between, Colin O’Donoghue has turned Hook into the show’s most compelling character overnight.

I also appreciated that Emma was motivated by her love for those involved over everything. Even though we got to see the cool, dark side to Emma this season, she’s a hero at her core and she needed to stay that way. Jennifer Morrison has been ridiculously fun to watch over these past 10, but it’s about time she returns to heroism to try and pull Hook back from the brink.

“Broken Hearts” had perhaps the best use of flashbacks that Once has done in recent memory. They’re really successful when they take things we already know, like Hook becoming a “Dark One,” and still using it to twist and turn the plot. Like (SPOILERS) Hook killing Merlin? Brutal, but an excellent, compelling twist.

More than anything, I appreciate that Season 5B (or so it would seem) will be directly tied to 5A in some way. Given what has already been revealed about a journey to the underworld, Season 5A and 5B appear to be directly related. Not to dog the way the last few seasons have played out, but Once is at its absolute best when all 22 (ish) episodes tell a pretty closely related story. With next week as the fall finale, they could not possibly resolve every extraneous plot thread by next week, and I’m so excited to see where that goes.

Okay. I’m revoking one star for the RumBelle “twist.” Not necessary. They’ve been through enough.

Any good theories on how next week sends characters to the underworld? I’m assuming that they will attempt to rescue a character from the dead, whether it be Hook, Emma, or someone already dead like Merlin. Of course I’m just spitballing based on what I already know. Would love to hear your theories!

I still think “Broken Heart” was the best episode of the season so far. I’m hoping the fall finale will top it.


Review byAmy Ratcliffegoogletaga
Posted on November 30th, 2015 by Sheila

By Amy Ratcliffe Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

“Birth” answered several questions about Emma’s motivations but not all of them. “Broken Heart” filled in the gaps and showed Emma didn’t embrace darkness. Not really. She stumbled into it because of her decision to protect Hook. Love and fear pushed her into a corner, and she made a snap decision. It’s hard to blame her. If anything was going to push her over the edge, the loss of a loved one would be it (points to Snow for understanding Emma’s choice). On the other hand, Hook being the reason behind the curse and death of Merlin undermines Emma. She hasn’t been the Dark One to her core, just superficially, and it feels like a waste.

Hook’s fall has me conflicted, too. It’s a delight to see Colin O’Donoghue as an even more evil version of his former self. The way he plays the villain is right up there with Rebecca Mader’s Zelena — man, those two characters need to team up more. However, his actions happened too quickly and too drastically. Emma grounded him, but then the second he found out she lied about Excalibur, he lost it. What? Sure, his background is different than Emma’s; he’s been a villain before and is probably more susceptible to the Darkness’s influence. It was still rushed.

It’s not like Hook committed some small crime. He killed Merlin and crushed the oldest heart of them all. We needed at least another episode of him struggling before getting to such a high level of badness. It was too much too fast. His desire for revenge is strong, and his love for Emma was the only reason it was under control — I get it. No matter how I try to rationalize it, I can’t make it add up.

Hook’s rash actions did lead to the most interesting cliffhanger of the season. All the Dark Ones have arrived to Storybrooke. The herd of Dark Ones (a group of Dark Ones probably has a cooler label than “herd’) is arguably one of the most serious threats our characters have faced. No pressure, but the battle and resolution have a lot to live up to.

The return of vengeful Hook also brought a fight between him and Rumplestiltskin. After saving Belle from Merida, Rumple’s mettle was tested here and he surprised me. He stayed true to his now heroic nature and opted to duel without magic to make it fair. He took only himself to face Hook, and it was a brave move. It was hilarious and fitting that the only way Rumple won was because another version of himself distracted Hook; his victory wouldn’t have made sense without some sort of outside help.

His triumph led to the most satisfying scene of the episode. Rumple is finally a man who deserves Belle’s love, but she said no. Belle has been lied to by this man repeatedly to the point where it was emotionally abusive. Not anymore though. She stood up for herself and her heart, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. It’s a position all too many of us can relate to, and it had to be a hard decision to make. She took such a forward leap.

Regina inched forward, too. She’s still cautious with her sister, but she saw another path and she’s being the bigger person. Let’s hope motherhood isn’t all that changes the Wicked Witch. Zelena wins for best quote of the episode with “Once you go green, you’ll never go queen.”

The Verdict

This week’s Once won the day in the small moments. Years of fleshing out characters and their relationships paid off in scenes like the one with Henry and Emma reconciling and Regina bringing Zelena over for a visit with her daughter. We got to see Belle stand up for herself, and we saw the biggest threat of them all introduced. But as far as Emma and Hook are concerned, the story fell short. Hook’s fall was too rushed and sort of undermined Emma’s turn to the dark side.


Posted on November 30th, 2015 by Laura

Posted on November 27th, 2015 by Sheila

Do you have any scoop on the Regina and Hook adventure we were promised on Once Upon a Time? — Peggy
It’s coming sooner than you think … like this week! “She puts him up to a test,” says Lana Parrilla, who teases that there’s a surprising connection between them and events that took place ahead of season 2 that we were previously unaware of. Make of that what you will!


Posted on November 27th, 2015 by Sheila

In a twist basically no one saw coming, Once Upon a Time turned Hook into the one thing he’s hated for hundred of years: The Dark One.

Cut down by Excalibur, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) faced certain death as Emma (Jennifer Morrison) prepared to merge the sword with the Dark One dagger. Desperate to hold onto what she hopes is her happy ending, Emma tethered Hook to the sword, creating a second Dark One, which no one knew about until Hook got his memories back in Storybrooke. As promised, EW caught up with O’Donoghue to get the scoop on his transformation:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How surprised were you when you learned that Hook would be a second Dark One?
: It was a bit of a shock. I was excited, to be honest. I was excited to delve back into the darker side of Hook. That’s where he was when I came on, [though] he was maybe not quite the same as the way that I play him as the Dark One. He’s a little bit more — not fun, but it’s nice to be able to explore that again.

Emma was very different as a Dark One since she’s always been good, so how different is Hook as a Dark One?
He’s kind of similar to the original Hook, but amplified by the present. What we have to remember is that Hook embraced the Darkness before, whereas Emma has always tried to fight it. Even as her Dark One, she still comes from a place of hope as the Savior. That’s where her Dark One is starting from, whereas Hook knows that he can’t resist that side of things, so he fully embraces it and goes into himself.

How do you get in the mindset of playing evil?
I try to think of the darkest things I can think of, and try to figure out how people can do stuff to other people like that. I don’t understand it, but that’s where I start. I look at paintings and I’ll try and research harrowing stories and all that kind of stuff, and try to get into the mindset of somebody who’s completely lacking empathy. Then, you just go, well, if somebody really doesn’t care that much about anybody, I’d imagine they’d enjoy that, because they probably enjoy the suffering or be completely indifferent. Then it’s about trying to play something like that. I don’t sit and listen to music all day, although music is a big influence on me. I play the guitar and stuff a lot, but it wouldn’t be a direct thing that I’d listen to a particular song that would make me feel like a villain.

The one thing Hook has always hated is the Dark One. Is he basically a self-hating Dark One?
Yeah. He’s always admitted that he hates the Dark One. He says that to Emma. He desperately tried to keep Emma from becoming the Dark One, because it’s something that he hates. However, when he embraces the Darkness, he has no choice in becoming the Dark One. It’s not his decision. Once the Darkness is in him, he has no other real choice because he’s always been open to it. He’s always had that weakness. He just fully embraced it. You sort of see him struggle a little bit, but when he decides that that’s who he is now, then he’s in it.

What is Hook motivated by? He’s always wanted to kill Rumple, so will that play into it?
There are a few things that are more complex. They all have slightly different things that they want out of the Darkness. A big part of who Hook is, and who he has been for hundreds of years, is that motivation for revenge, and you definitely see elements of that come up.

When Emma became the Dark One, the previous Dark Ones appeared to her in the form of Rumple. If that happens with Hook, will that drive him crazy?
You’ll have to see. It’s an interesting dynamic, especially because now there’s two Dark Ones. It’s interesting to see how they all work together and what their motivations are.

How does Hook feel toward Emma since she created him?
Deep down — he’s seen it with Rumple and Belle, and even with Emma and Hook — they still have the ability to love. You know when you have that massive argument with your partner and you’re just really pissed off with each other? Just imagine that, only you are the darkest person in the world, so imagine what that would be like. But that’s not to say that he doesn’t love her. They still have the ability to love, but when you get pissed off as the Dark One, that’s serious business.

What can you tease of Hook’s plans for Storybrooke?
Hook has really embraced this. Whatever the Darkness wants, he’s willing to give it to the Darkness to get what he wants for his own selfish reasons, if that makes sense. We’re talking about the Darkness like it’s a real thing. It’s an entity that lives as itself and uses these people as conduits to get what it wants. So Hook is willing to do that for the Darkness. If that means hurting people, he’s willing to do whatever it takes.

We’re going to be seeing some backstory for Hook with his father. What can you say about that episode?
I was excited to get to explore that, because we talked about Hook’s father and he was cagey about it, so we get to see what happened in that backstory. It is linked with Regina, which is about all I can really say about it. It’s a fascinating insight into who Hook was back when he was Captain Hook, but not Killian Jones, if you know what I mean. Season 2 Hook! Let’s just call him that. You get to see a real insight into how he became that ruthless pirate and the person who just really didn’t care about anything except his revenge.


Posted on November 25th, 2015 by Naomi

Posted on November 25th, 2015 by Naomi

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