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Hook is more a bad boy than a good guy

November 2, 2013   |   Written by Purebreak

On November 2nd, the second season of Once Upon A Time will air on French TV. Among the new characters, there is Captain Hook, an attractive and terrifying character played by Colin O’Donoghue. At the TV Festival in Monte-Carlo, he answered our questions. Casting, dark side of his character, he’s telling us everything.

You’re the new one of season 2. How was it to join the show?
It was great. Everyone has instantly been very nice and generous. They made me feel very welcome. Besides, when I arrived in the show, it was in episode 4 and as a guest star. It’s only later that I became a regular. It really is a great TV show to work in.

How did you join the TV show?
Actually, I have an agent in Los Angeles who offered me to audition for the role. At first, I told myself, “But I’m really too young to play Captain Hook.” Then, I saw what I had been sent about the role. I talked with the creators, they told me how they saw the character, I told them how I saw him, and got the role.

Did you know the TV show before getting the role?
I was living in Ireland and the TV show hadn’t aired yet so I had not seen it. I knew about the existence of this TV show of course, but I hadn’t watched the episodes. When I got the role, I watched season 1. I really loved the TV show, I thought the idea was very original.

In other movies, TV shows, cartoons, Captain Hook is much less amusing and nice than your character. Deep down, he’s a good guy…
This, I’m not so sure. He may be soft, but perhaps he’ll kill some children in season 3. (laughs) Creators of the show told me they really wanted our Captain Hook to be different from all those we could have seen before. I knew very well I couldn’t play this character like Dustin Hoffman had, or even try to equal him. What we did was to do the opposite of this. I really wanted to put my own spin to the character. Besides, since he’s a pirate, I didn’t want to turn him into Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean because I didn’t want to spread the idea this was the representation of pirates nowadays. We all thought about it and the character emerged like this. And people like him, that’s the most important.

Hook may not be evil, but he’s not good either. That’s something the public seems to enjoy.
Of course. He’s more a bad boy than a good guy. That’s exactly the kind of guy your mother wouldn’t want you to go out with, but at the same time, we can easily succumb to his charm. That’s what he is. It’s very entertaining to be able to switch between his good side and his dark side, depending on what he wants and what he’s planning. I don’t think there’s another character in the TV show who can be like him. That’s great for me.

What do you think of the relationship between Emma and Captain Hook? Do you think there could be a romantic relationship between them?
Who knows! Perhaps. As far as I’m concerned, I think it’d be interesting to see Hook trying to find love again. The reason why he’s like this is that he had someone he loved, but who had been taken away from him. That’s why he wants his revenge and that’s why he’s a villain. He wasn’t born like this. It’d be interesting to see what he’ll do if he finds love again and how it will affect him, may it be with Emma or someone else.

It’s true his past makes him very endearing.
Yes. We know that, deep down, he has a goal and this allows us to accept some things which are quite horrible in his behavior. The sense of vengeance he’s feeling totally makes him lose his mind and he can’t help himself from doing some things. But I think that, as we go along season 2, he’s slowly heading to the path of redemption. In one of the last episodes of season 2, we learn more about his relationship with Baelfire and we understand that he could have been like a father to him. It could have been a way for him to save himself, but it’s not the case.

Are you surprised by the success of the show? Did you expect that when you joined Once Upon A Time?
Like I said, I didn’t really know the show before joining the cast. I knew it was airing in the United States, but it wasn’t in Ireland. I hadn’t realized it was such a popular TV show so I’ve been a bit surprised by its success, I wasn’t expecting this. At the same time, the audience instantly reacted very positively towards my character. That’s both strange and funny.

Are you still surprised by how the fans react?
Yes. For instance, it’s odd to have people waiting for you outside, when you’re at an event. To me, that’s something happening only to very famous people, and I don’t see myself as someone famous so that’s weird. It’s really great that the audience likes the show so much. That’s what the scenarists, cast and team deserve. It means people want to watch the show, that it’s working well, so that’s great.

Once Upon A Time sometimes makes odd choices about plots. Are you sometimes surprised by the scenarists ideas?

Honestly, I’m totally fan of the show and I’m impatiently waiting every script to know what’s going to happen. Sometimes, we learn that someone will die and I’m like, “whaaat?” then we learn they may not truly be dead. That’s also what makes the show interesting. Sometimes there are some major plot twists, but I think creators know very well where they want to go, so we have to trust them.

You’re playing in Once Upon A Time, but what other TV shows do you watch?
I don’t watch many shows because I don’t always have the time to, but I love Hannibal and Games of Thrones. It depends on the days.

Besides being an actor, you’re also a musician. Do you manage to combine everything?
It’s true. I played music, but I left the band I was playing in. I always have a guitar with me. Music really is something I love.

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