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Colin on Female Reaction on Captain Hook

March 29, 2013   |   Written by Irish Mirror

Shiver me timbers – actor Colin O’Donoghue is about to embark on his most swashbuckling role yet.

The 32-year-old hunk has been described as the sexiest ever Captain Hook after landing a role in hit American fantasy drama Once Upon A Time.

The show is set in a world that straddles the land of make believe and modern day, where ordinary people like Killian Jones, played by Colin, find out that they have another life in a fairytale land.

And Louth man Colin says he’s enjoying every minute of filming in Vancouver.

He said: “It’s great fun, it is a great show to work on.

“I auditioned for the role – I read the script and I really thought I could do something maybe slightly different than had been done before with Captain Hook.

“I met Eddie and Adam the creators and they seemed to like my ideas and what I wanted to do with Killian.”

And creating a bad guy with a difference was an easy task for Colin.

He said: “I wanted him to be charming, a good laugh and all those types of things.

“I wanted him to be the kind of guy you would want to hang out with but also have a ruthlessness to him.

“That was the way I saw the character – he was less just a villain and more kind of in it for himself.

“He more or less focuses on doing things to make his own life better. He is a very selfish kind of character.

“I like his complexity – he does some very bad things but he also has the potential to be very good.”

Dressed in his leather gear with a good dose of eyeliner, Colin looks very much the part – so much so that his performances have already garnered a serious female following in America.

But Colin, who is married to his childhood sweetheart Helen, doesn’t seem too comfortable with the tag.

He said: “I don’t know how that is supposed to make you feel – I guess it’s nice that people like the character though.

“And I am enjoying the work, I have been in Vancouver since last August.

“Helen works at home in Drogheda but she does come out to visit me and it is great fun.

“I get home as often as I can but she enjoys coming over too. I think if you are interested in film and TV shows and seeing how they work it is an interesting thing to do to see the sets and behind the scenes.

“I get home whenever I get a break and in a couple of weeks we wrap up shooting – so I will be heading home for a bit and I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends then.”

Getting used to the gear for the show was easy for Colin who had a novel use for his famous hand accessory.

He said: “I have a hook alright – I started to get used to it quite early and I am able to use it as a coffee cup holder.

“There’s all kinds of pirating and swashbuckling activities going on. There’s plenty of piratey things to do so you see plenty of swinging from the rafters.

“There is a stunt guy for the more crazy things but you have to keep fit too – I go to the gym, I train up and eat healthily, all that kind of stuff.”

The story of how Killian Jones gets his hook will be revealed in the new series of Once Upon A Time which begins on Channel 5 on April 7 at 9pm and will follow next month on RTE.

And Colin said Robert Carlyle’s Rumplestiltskin character will have something to do with it.

Becoming the captain of a pirate ship is every little boy’s dream and Colin reckons he’s lucky to be able to live out his childhood fantasies and get paid at the same time.

He added: “I think every young fella wants to be a pirate – I grew up watching Peter Pan the cartoon and Hook! – that film with Robin Williams which came out when I was a kid.

“I used to play around at being a pirate and now I actually get to do it as my job – when you are standing on a proper ship dressed all in your leather gear out at sea, I do have to pinch myself sometimes.

“I can’t help thinking: “This is crazy, I am actually on a pirate ship dressed as the captain.”

Although there’s a lot of action, Colin says it’s not dangerous work.

He added: “It’s shot very much the same as a film would be – there’s a big green screen we shoot in for a lot of the fairytale land stuff so you get the same kind of release that you would doing a film.

“I am an actor and I love to act so this is a fantastic role.

“There’s no real danger as it’s all very well planned but people can look out for a few interesting moments with Hook and how he interacts with other people.

“I only come into it in episode four, The Crocodile, when you see the back story of Hook and Rumplestiltskin and you find out how Killian Jones becomes Captain Hook, but I can’t reveal any more than that.

“Robert plays Rumplestiltskin and I have always loved him – he was a bit of a hero of mine growing up after Trainspotting.

“We have an actual tall ship which we use for filming called The Lady Washington.

“It has been done up to look like the Jolly Roger so there I was in my pirate gear with the hook and the leather trousers, standing on deck with the sun shining and a backdrop of mountains sweeping down to the sea.”

“It was stunning – that was a ‘pinch me’ moment.”

As yet Colin and Helen don’t have any kids of their own but he says hopefully his nieces will enjoy the programme.

He said: “I am looking forward to seeing everyone at home. It will be nice to get home and sleep in my own bed for a little bit.”

But all this swashbuckling means that Colin has had to take time out from performing with his rock band The Enemies

He said: “I am not able to play with them at the minute but the lads are playing away – they are in America at the minute , they did the SXSW festival and a bit of a tour round a few places in Texas.

“They are going strong but I haven’t been able to gig with them for a while. We’ll see when I go back home.

“They might allow me to get up and do something with them, you never know.”

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