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Colin Teases Emma and Hook’s “Connection”

October 25, 2013   |   Written by Wetpaint

Once Upon a Time fans are split into many different ships, but not all of the fairy tale drama’s pairings get happy endings, as seen with Aurora and Mulan’s heartbreaking moment this season. However, Captain Swan fans’ dreams will come true when Emma Swan and Captain Hook lock lips on Sunday, October 27 — well, or at least for the moment.

When Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with actor Colin O’Donoghue about the epic kiss and the will-they-won’t-they couple’s future, he was uncertain of their Facebook status (spoiler alert: it’s complicated), but he stresses their ongoing “connection.” As for Neal’s impending return, Colin acknowledges that it will be very “interesting” given that Hook is effectively kissing his son’s baby mama, but since the captain just aims to be a father figure, it may not be as much of a battle.

Read on to see our full chat with Colin, including details about Killian Jones’s past (with a bowl cut and without guyliner), why he sees David as a brother, his connections to Pan, and, most importantly, his shout out to the “Hookers.”

Wetpaint Entertainment: The moment Captain Swan shippers have been waiting for is finally happening. Given their flirtation, did you see Emma and Hook’s kiss coming?
Colin O’Donoghue:
Well, I guess they’ve had this connection for a while and I think it was sort of in the circumstances that it happened — it kind of comes out of nowhere, really, but I guess it’s been in the cards. There’s definitely a connection between the two of them.

At the end of the scene, Emma says it’s a one-time thing. Do you think there’s long term potential for them, or is it just one kiss?
It’s hard to say. They really do see themselves and each other — well, I think it’s a difficult one because everyone at the moment is focused on trying to find Henry. That’s kind of the overwhelming thing, to try to save him, but I guess it’s always open that it could happen again. Who knows!

Jennifer Morrison said at Comic-Con that this was her favorite scene of Season 3. Do you agree?
[Laughs] Wait, did she say that?! Well, I’ve had lots of scenes that I’ve enjoyed doing, but I guess, you know…

One thing that could change things is Neal — no one knows he’s alive! When he does come back, do you think there will be a battle for Emma’s heart, or do you think he’ll be like, “Oh, Bae’s alive — I have to let him be with his baby mama and true love”?
It’s an interesting thing because obviously Hook and Baelfire have a history and Hook very much would have given up everything to sort of be a father figure to Baelfire, so if and when they finally do meet, it will be interesting to see how they react to each other, especially now that Emma’s sort of in the equation as well. Who knows what way it could go, but I think it’s an interesting thing, especially since Hook is sort of being with his… baby’s mother. [Laughs]

It’s clear in the promo that Charming is not happy with this kiss, but then again, Hook saved him…
I can’t be too detailed, but I think that Hook is trying to redirect himself and finding it hard to get past living just for revenge. He’s trying to be a good person and trying to restore that faith in himself. And I think that’s where we find it, in this episode. We’ve seen that Hook knows David has been hit by the Dreamshade arrow and he’s never going to be able to leave the island alive. I think that Hook decides maybe he can open himself up to try and do that, trying to be selfless instead of selfish.

We’ll see Hook as Killian Jones with his brother Liam in flashbacks as they embark to find a plant that can heal anyone. Is that what bridges the gap between the past and present?
They actually go off to try to find this plant on an uncharted island and Killian Jones is very different than the Hook we know. I think he probably sees a little bit of his brother in David and that’s kind of the thing that opens him back up to being a good person and trying to help in some way.

Killian is a soldier with a starkly different haircut and no guyliner. What other differences can you tease about the past Killian versus the Hook we know now?
He’s very much a Naval officer and has that morality that I guess you would expect to see. Everything is by the book and he very much believes in right and wrong and all that kind of stuff. He’s definitely a completely different guy, and it was great to be able to play two completely different characters.

We don’t know much about Hook and Pan’s backstory. Will any of that come out in Sunday’s episode, or is there anything you can tease?
No, I can’t tell you, basically, but you will see a little bit of a connection, but I’m not going to say what it is.

Are we going to be surprised by their relationship? And with Tink’s?
Yes, yes. [Laughs]

We see your brother in the past. Will we see him resurface in present day or flashbacks?
The one thing about Once Upon a Time is you never know what could or might not happen, but we’ll see. It’s an interesting kind of stand-alone story in itself, these brothers. And it definitely gives you a huge insight into how Hook became the man he is presently and whatever went on in that relationship informed that.

You branched out and worked with almost everyone in Hook’s trek to Neverland. Is there anyone you want to work with that you haven’t yet?
No, I think I’ve managed to sort of work with pretty much everyone. I haven’t worked with… I haven’t had stuff with… actually, I’m not going to say. There is one person that I haven’t had stuff with that I wouldn’t mind, but I’m not going to say who it it! [Laughs]

The Captain Swan fans are beyond excited. For your Hookers, your fans, do you have any funny encounter stories to share?
No, I just think it’s kind of funny that they call themselves Hookers. The fans are great and I think we’re blessed to have such great fans. That’s what keeps the show alive, I guess, are the people that watch it, and we’re very lucky to have the fans.

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