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Colin O'Donoghue on The Big J Show

February 27, 2015   |   Written by The Big J Show

(Made a transcript of the radio interview Colin did. Some things were rather difficult to understand so there might be some small mistakes in there.)

Please credit when taking!

Interviewer: We’ve got the man, Colin O’Dono-, Colin let me clearify; is it Colin O’Donoghue or O’Donoghue.

Colin O’Donoghue: Well, I say Colin O’Donoghue.

I: O’Donoghue, I like it. Just your accent, man. We don’t even need to talk about your show. I mean you probably prefer that, but I just want to listen you talk about anything. I love it!

C: Thanks, thank you very much. I’m flattered.

I: You are very welcome. For people that don’t know though, we should probably talk about your show. You are Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time. I have to admit, I’m not a Once Upon a Time fan yet. I’m going to get into it now, but I’d not been watching before. So I asked when I was presented with this interview, should we talk to Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time and everybody came out of the woodwork and unanimously said that we should and the general consensus is:

1. You are the best part of the show.
2. You are an incredibly sexy man.

C: oh, stop it. (laughs)

I: I didn’t say it. You don’t have to tell me to stop. This is the world, Colin. This is what they think about you. It’s got to be nice.

C: Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know, it’s not me. It’s the character, it’s the leather pants.

I: Exactly, yeah. (laughs) Normally, I’m just a normal guy, throw a leather pants on me, all of it just does something to me. Tell people…

C: A leather pants and a little bit of eyeliner and (laughs) it’s all systems go.

I: The rest is history. Well, for people that haven’t checked out once upon a time before, it’s an interesting concept for a show. Explain the show and how your character, Captain Hook, plays into the whole story.

C: So basically, the story of Once upon a time is sort of these fairy tale characters who exist in the real world in a town called Storybrooke in Maine. And you know, in the first season they were under a curse and they didn’t realise they were actual fairy tale characters until the curse gets broken by the saviour, who is played by Jennifer Morrison. They sort of realise then who they are and I guess about them trying to exist together. I came in in the second season, I play Captain Hook and I’ve managed to infiltrate the group as a character and sort of become a part of the life in Storybrooke. And now, Emma and Hook have a relationship and they are trying to make things work.

I: There you go. So many people …

C: We are committed.

I: It’s an awesome concept for a show, especially with all the cool characters they get to make appearances there. I mean it’s like you get a new twist on all these characters that all of us are at least, somewhat, familiar with. So, that’s awesome. We have a few questions about the show here. Do we meet the sorcerer or author this seasons and if so, who is it?

C: Well, I can’t tell you.

I: Why? Colin, why?! (laughs)

C: Because I’ve been told not to. (laughs)

I: Ah, yeah. That’s a good reason. I understand, job preservation is probably important. Since you’ve worked with most of the cast on screen, who is your favourite person in the cast to act with? Is there somebody you just really have a good time on screen with?

C: Well, look, I do most of my stuff pretty much with Jennifer Morrison and it’s fantastic. We get on so well. We’ve been working with each other, but I’m kind of lucky that with my character I’ve been able to work with pretty much everybody at the cast and had some sort of in-depth scenes with people and it’s just fantastic to work with everybody. I wouldn’t really like to pinpoint one person over another because everybody brings something different to the scenes and stuff like that. So it’s great to be able to work with everyone on the show.

I: Absolutely, I can understand that. Somebody wanted to know how uncomfortable it is to wear that costume. You said the costume is what brings all the ladies to the yard, so to speak, but how uncomfortable is that outfit?

C: It’s pretty comfortable, actually. It’s surprisingly comfortable, the old pirate outfit. The only thing was my jacket was 50 pounds in weight, so it sort of gets a little heavy after a while. But yeah, it was surprisingly comfortable.
It was good.

I: Yeah, so what you’re saying maybe for the rest of us guys out there maybe try to pull off a leather pants every once and a while.

C: Well, I’m not saying that, but you know you could give it a try.

I: Yeah, exactly. It’s not going to hurt anything. Any new characters that we will be meeting in this second half of this season that you can talk about.

C: Well, so in the second half of the season, you are going to meet the Queens of Darkness: Maleficent, Cruella and Ursula and they come in for the whole second half of the season and it’ll be all kinds of hidings and shenanigans happening in storybrooke.

I: There you go. One question someone had too and they just brought up. Has Jamie Dornan, has he changed at all after the fifty shades of grey fame or is still the same Jamie he was before being in one of the biggest movies of the year?

C: Well, I actually don’t really -, I came in after Jamie. We sort of finished and I only met him once. He was such a lovely guy and I think, from what I hear, he is still exactly the same guy and it’s absolutely fantastic that he’s had such success and he deserves it.

I: Yeah

C: You know, hopefully, it will keep going.

I: It’s always nice to see, people you enjoy working with get to have some big success and what’s cool about you too, I was reading this, I mean obviously you’re doing well, the success is there, you’re an actor at heart. You like stages, you like screen, you like doing it all. You’re just an artist, but you haven’t decided to make the move to L.A. or to New York, I mean you’re still living at home, right? I mean not your childhood home or anything, but you haven’t moved to the big city to chase the dream. You are doing it kind of your own way.

C: Well, look, I’ve spent a lot of time in L.A. trying to make, to sort of get work and stuff like that, but I have a wife and a child and we live in Ireland. Well, at the moment we live in Vancouver most of the year, but I miss my home and yeah, I love L.A and I love New York, so who knows what’ll happen in the future. But I’ve been thankful that things are able to sort of work out the way they have been, so that’s great.

I: That’s great. Yeah, very down-to-earth sound of your life and I like that. It’s nice to stay grounded. And we do have a listener on our App, that listens everyday from Kingswood, England and he wants to know: does he like rugby? Ireland vs England this weekend.

C: Will I watch the game? Will I watch the rugby? Is that want they’re asking?

I: I think he’s – yeah. Are you into it?

C: Yeah, I’m into it. Yeah, yeah. I’m going to watch it. It’s going to be – It’s a big game. There is a tournament down, you know over that side that is called Six Nations, so there is a big game on Sunday.

I: There you go. It’s nice to have, for him you know he listens to our show over here in America so no one really connects with him on rugby. So, it’s nice that he finally is able to have someone from his part of the world. Somebody – women are asking if you could just stay all day and continue to talk in your sexy voice. They’re emphasising –

C: Yeah, that’s no problem. I’ll just stand here and just sort of say things. You can feed me lines and I’ll just say them.

I: Yeah, exactly. That’s got to be so cool. What an amazing, AMAZING, accent. In the future, anything for you, I mean is this new role as Captain Hook here, has that brought on any new jobs, do we have any new projects coming down the pipe, anything after Once Upon a Time lined up?

C: Yeah, there are a couple of things in the pipeline you know, the timeframe that we can do between seasons, you know I’m sort of tied into the show which is fantastic and I’m absolutely delighted to be a part of the show so. But I shot a movie in Nashville, where I played a musician, should come out next year I think, called The Dust Storm. And, you know, there are a couple of more things in the pipeline so… It’s great.

I: Very nice. Well the women would also like to invite you here to Billings, as well, if you ever want to come here, Colin. We have a beautiful area here; you can ride horses, white water raft, anything you want to do, ski, we’ve got it all and you are more than welcome according to all of the women here. And last but not least, somebody wants to know if you have seen the dress on the internet, that people are arguing about whether it’s white and gold or black and blue? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?

C: (laughs) Unfortunately, I do. And I’m going to cause a little bit of consolation, but I’ve got to say it’s white and gold, with a blue shadow.

I: It’s clearly white and gold, Colin. And everybody smart –

C: Because of the contrast, it’s still light outside.

I: Exactly, everybody smart, everybody sexy, everybody that women love, all agree it’s white and gold, so I’m with you. Colin O’Donoghue playing Captain Hook on the awesome ABC show, Once upon a Time. If you haven’t checked it out, catch up and if are watching make sure to check out Sunday’s episode, 7 pm, on ABC. It’s going to be awesome there. Colin, it’s been a pleasure talking to you. Thanks so much for taking the time and have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

C: Thank you very much, you too.

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