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Naomi / March 30th, 2015

I’m worried that last night’s Once Upon a Time was the beginning of the end for “good” Emma. Will the Author being in Storybrooke distract her from hating on her parents, or is she guaranteed to go dark dark? –Jamie
That, I reckon, is the million-dollar question as the final episodes play out. As Colin O’Donoghue reminds, “The second half of this season is about the struggles that heroes and villains each have. And what great about the show is it’s never cut and dry. It’s never as easy as a villain is a straight villain or the heroes are pure heroes. They’ve all done something that they regret, but learn from it in a positive way.” As for the Savior specifically, Hook’s portrayer says, “We’ve seen moments where you could see where Emma could maybe become darker. Whether or not she does is a whole other thing.”


Naomi / March 29th, 2015

What made you decide to cast the oh-so-handsome Colin O’Donoghue in your music video?
It started out as a little joke because I had to make a top 5 list of men who I wanted to have as my leading man. Naturally I picked my favorites, and Colin was number one! I never thought he would agree to do the video. Everyone knows that I’m a huge “Once Upon a Time” fan, and Captain Hook is my favorite character, so Colin was a dream come true for me. He was so lovely and talented..and..kind..and fun to work with. I’ll never forget it!

What was the inspiration behind the creation of “The Words” video?

I wrote the idea for “The Words” music video, after Colin O’donoghue couldn’t be in my music video for “Burning Gold”. He was supposed to be my leading man in that and when the timing didn’t work out, I promised Colin I would write my next video starring him. I don’t think he believed me, but I always keep my promises! So I thought of what the song means to me, which is being afraid of love and admitting you’re in love; that small moment right before it really begins – that’s how the idea was born. It was also totally my intention to make this video all about Colin, and I’m just singing to him the whole time. It worked out perfectly!


Naomi / March 25th, 2015

4… … But Colin O’Donoghue brings the laughs.

“He’s hilarious. Half of the tweets I’ve gotten actually are about, ‘How is it to work with Colin?’ Colin is a bundle of joy on set. There’s really long hours on that show, and he’s always in a good mood, cracking jokes the whole time, doing impressions, singing. He’s just going all day long. He helps the day go by really quickly, because he has so much energy.
“He did [an impression of] Christopher Walken in New Orleans. He says this is a real story — Christopher Walken is in New Orleans, he goes on a ghost tour, and goes to a house, and he walks in and says, ‘Ghosts, I’m here.’ Then he’s quiet waiting for the ghosts to respond, and the ghost doesn’t respond, and Christopher Walken says, ‘Okay, there’s no ghosts’ and walks out. I’m not going to try to do the voice because that’s not going to help anything, but he did a spot-on Christopher Walken impression, with such a ridiculous story.”


Naomi / January 26th, 2015

Camila M: Christina Perri can you describe @colin o’donoghue in one word ?? #Brasil
Christina Perri: dreamy

Danyella N.: How is Collin like as a person?
Christina Perri: so sweet and so charming and so fun to be around… also sooo talented. i was giggling all over the place and he was very professional. i loved working with him.

Katie B.: Is it true you have a tattoo of a hook that Colin drew for you?
Christina Perri: yes!

Evelyn D.: DID U BLUSH??
Christina Perri: the. whole. two. days.

Sydney E. B.: Was it hard to stay serious while shooting the video?? Cuz I would’ve had a hard time having a straight face the whole time haha respect, respect

Christina Perri: yes colin figured out if he looked at me in the eye and did his little eyebrow hook face i would break. which happened often. i think he had lots of fun making me giggle + blush.

Greg C.: do you ship hook and emma from OUAT?
Christina Perri: yes!

Andrea M: Hi Christina so was Colin nude in the tub or did he have a swimsuit trunk on?
Christina Perri: he had jeans on and rolled up

Jessica Plasha: Where did you get the hook drawing Colin drew, tattooed?
Christina Perri: on my arm. colin didnt think i would do it… but he was wrong

Caro M: Hi Christina! did you feel nervous when you shoot with Colin?
Christina Perri i was soooooo nervous. i couldn’t believe it was happening. and i couldnt stop blushing and smiling for most of the 2 days. i had to try very hard to keep it together.

Loving Adoring: Were you all shake-y while being in Colin’s presence?? I mean, it’s Colin!!
Shirtless COLIN*

Christina Perri: yes. shaking inside the whole time!

Galilea D: How did you convince Colin O’donoghue on filming this video P.S it was Perfection.
Christina Perri: i just asked and he said yes! he was supposed to be in my “burning gold” music video but it didnt work out so i promised him id write my next video starring him and i always keep my promises.

Galilea D: Were You Wearing Killian’s Necklace??
Christina Perri: its actually my own replica someone gave me as a gift, but yes, colin made me wear it haha i was embarrassed to show him i owned it lol but he loved it

Diana R: What was your favorite part of filming with Colin?
Christina Perri: the whole 2 days making this video were my favorite. every minute. mostly getting to sing to colin all day! he’s so nice in person and was delightful to work with.

Heather K: How did Colin O’ Donoghue become part of this project?
Christina Perri: colin was my first choice. i actually wrote the video with him in mind. i am such a huge fan of Once Upon a Time and his character. this video is a real dream come true.

Grace M: Amazing video! I loved it omg! What was your favourite scene to shoot?
Christina Perri: ooo every scene. if i had to pick one, probably the one where colin is staring out at the train and i am standing there cause it started to rain and in that moment i couldn’t believe it was real life

Amanda B: How was working with Colin?
Christina Perri: the best. he’s as wonderful as you think he might be


Naomi / January 19th, 2015

Killian “Hook” Jones aka Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time (played by Colin O’Donoghue)

Mysterious and unpredictable, this Captain Hook held our attention with smoldering looks and the ever-present question of whether he was good or evil. His charm was undeniable, but would he turn against the heroine or prove his love true?


Naomi / December 26th, 2014

Will Emma ever get to hear the message Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) left for her?
HOROWITZ: It was erased by Rumple.
KITSIS: I have a feeling that he’s acted it out for her.
Will Hook seek revenge on Rumple?
KITSIS: Oh, yes.
Does Hook have a past with Ursula (Merrin Dungey)?
KITSIS: Can’t say.


Naomi / December 20th, 2014

6. Hook, Once Upon a Time
This season of Once Upon a Time was Frozen over, but we were more invested in the Emma-and-Hook storyline. Hook has always been a sexy bad boy, but now he’s reforming for his one true love. So sexy. And we’re down with his wearing of “normal” clothes — but prefer he keeps the hook hand, thank you very much.


Naomi / December 16th, 2014

TVLINE | Some thought the Emma/Hook Once-CaptainSwan_Kissreunion felt a bit rushed, especially for someone carrying such a fear about losing the men she loves. Was that a time issue? That you had other story masters to serve?
KITSIS | We would have loved to do 40 minutes of them kissing, but we had a lot to get in.
HOROWITZ | We felt like it was a sweet moment between the two of them, her returning his heart and then the kiss. Could there have been a lot more? Yeah. But there’s still plenty of episodes left in the season.
KITSIS | We thought the kiss and the way she put his heart back said [a lot]…. But the truth is they’re a couple that is continuing, so we’d rather watch them grow together and see what happens.


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