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Naomi / October 4th, 2016


Hooked into new Film

Colin O’Donoghue faces the end of the world.
By Ian Watters.

Local actor Colin O’Donoghue is the lead in an upcoming film called ‘What Still Remains’ that is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been destroyed by a deadly disease, leaving those left to fend for themselves. Colin (35) is the star of the hit show ‘Once Upon a Time’ in which he plays Captain Hook and has shared the screen with Anthony Hopkins in the horror ‘The Rite’ in 2011.

The new film is described as a dramatic thriller, with images shared online showing a bleak setting that brings comparison to TV series ‘The Walking Dead.’ Images were also uploaded on social media in May this year showing Colin at a shooting range, reportedly to prepare for the new role. The director is Josh Mendoza and details are sparse as it is in post-production.

In it, after the loss of her family, a young woman struggles to survive in a world longsince destroyed by diseases, but when a lonely traveller offers her a place in his community, she must decide if the promise of a better life in worth the risk of trusting him. Colin’s costar is the American actress Lulu Antariska (21) who is best known for her role as Stevie Baskara on the Nickelodeon sitcom How to Rock. Colin is known for playing Hook in ABC series ‘Once Upon a Time’ that is set in a modern world populated with characters from fairy tales. He recently joined in the celebrations of the 100th episode of the show.

He has said how he enjoys playing the bad guy in it and on IMDb is quoted, ‘I was always kind of serious. It’s nice to be able to play a complete bad boy who’s the polar opposite to who I am. Part of what I like about thebest villains in TV and film is that you feel sorry for them, and that makes you even feel worse for feeling guilty about wanting them to succeed in some way.


Naomi / October 2nd, 2016

Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) has his work cut out for him in this week’s episode of ABC’s Once Upon A Time. First up, he knows his beloved Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is keeping something from him. And now Belle (Emilie de Ravin) seeks the pirate’s help disappearing so Gold (Robert Carlyle) can never find her and their unborn child. All this as the Untold Stories chapter unfolds, the evil Hyde (Sam Witwer) controls Storybrooke and the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) returns. O’Donoghue gave us a tease of this week’s episode.

It sounds like Hook and Belle are hanging out a bit in this episode. What’s going on?
Yeah, Belle and Hook have had a complicated relationship in the past. He has tried to kill her [Laughs] but we saw last season they worked together in the library to find ways to counteract whatever was happening at the time. They’ve buried the hatchet and Belle needs some help now. She doesn’t want to have Gold in her life or her child’s life so she wants to be hidden and there’s no one better than a pirate to hide some treasure.

Given Hook’s rocky history with Gold, he must also enjoy the chance to hurt him.
He’s not upset to get one up on Gold. But that’s not his main reason for helping Belle. He’s trying to make amends for what he’s done to her in the past. He genuinely wants to help her.

Emma is keeping her visions and her trembling hand from Hook, but he knows something’s going on with her, right?
He knows something’s not right. They’re very well connected with each other and I think they can sense when something is off. He wants to get to the bottom of that.

If she’s not going to tell him what’s going on, is he going to try other ways to find out?
Hook will do whatever he can to find out what’s happening with Emma. He’ll try to figure anything he can do to help her,

This season’s theme is untold stories. Does Hook have an untold story of his own that he doesn’t want to see revisited?
He’ll definitely be a part of it. He’s knows some of the people from the Land of Untold Stories and he’ll have a relationship with some of them and maybe some of that might affect his current relationships with the people of Storybrooke.

We’ve seen Hook on the straight and narrow since he’s been with Emma, but how will the return of the Evil Queen back affect his good behavior?
The Evil Queen is definitely the big threat to everyone in Storybrooke this season. She’s going to do whatever she can to get her own way and that will definitely include Hook, but he’s a pretty wily character so he’ll be OK.

When you first heard about this arc of the Untold Stories, what did you think?
I think it’s great. It’s a great opportunity to dive into so many other characters and have such a wealth of different characters that we can use on the show. I thought Jekyll and Hyde were great additions and now we can go anywhere and go into any book and any story and take characters from there. It’s great!

Any flashbacks coming up for Hook?
We will see some flashbacks in a few episodes and we’ll see Hook’s past and how it will affect his current situation in Storybrooke.

You’ve been playing Hook for awhile now but I’m guessing those flashback episodes still fill in information you may not have known, right?
Yes! That’s the great thing about the show is we constantly get surprised and go, “Oh! I never knew that! OK, let’s see what happens with this!” You get to do something different in every episode so it’s really great.

What did you do on your break between seasons?
I shot a movie called What Still Remains and it will come out next year.

Do you like to always get a new role to play on your hiatus or do you prefer to just take a break from working?
Sometimes it’s nice to do something and play a different character or use my chops a little more. You get used to playing a one-handed pirate and I absolutely love Hook so I am very lucky to get to play that character for so much time.

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays, 8/7c, ABC


Naomi / October 2nd, 2016

Belle needs help hiding from Mr. Gold in this Sunday’s “Once Upon a Time,” and stepping up to assist her is Hook.

“She asks for help and he says he’ll help her. And there’s nobody better that a pirate to sort of hide treasure,” Colin O’Donoghue, who plays the reformed pirate, told Access Hollywood, previewing his character’s arc in “A Bitter Draught.”

Sunday’s episode sounds jam-packed, with the introduction of another character from the Land of Untold Stories – the Count of Monte Cristo (Craig Horner) – and more from the Evil Queen.

Access Hollywood turned to Colin for more details on it all, and of course, for his thoughts on how Hook may feel when he finally finds out Emma Swan has been having visions of what could be her final fate (visions she’s keeping from him).

But first, we had to ask about the news that Colin’s friend Sean Maguire, who played Robin Hood, is set to return to the show. (Entertainment Weekly reported Sean is back for “multiple episodes.”)

AccessHollywood.com: The news is out that Sean, your buddy, is coming back. Have you guys talked about his return to the show?

Colin O’Donoghue: We have actually talked. Yeah, I’m very excited to have Sean back up with us. … It’ll be fun. … I literally don’t know anything about what’s happening, but I’m very excited that he’ll be here.

Access: Do you guys have any things that you do when you are together on set? I know he sings as well. I was just curious if there are any routines you have when you two get together on the ‘Once Upon a Time’ set?
Colin: (laughs) Like standup routines? Sean is just a bundle of energy so he has us all rolling around the place laughing on set, so it’ll be nice to have him back on set.

Access: The Count of Monte Cristo arrives this episode. [Did they have any] special sandwiches that day at craft services? I’m curious if they made Monte Cristos, because that would be a fun thing to do to welcome Craig [Horner] to the show.
Colin: It would be fun. … I think that they were in such a rush to shoot the episode that they forgot to the sandwiches, which is a shame.

Access: Does Hook get a chance to interact with him this episode, or is that something that might come later?
Colin: Not so much this episode. Hook was sort of on his own on his own kind of journey during this episode, which sort of kept him away from The Count. But again, with the idea of the Land of the Untold Stories and stuff like that, it’s been fantastic that all these characters are able to sort of come into the show now and it’s kind of opened up a whole new world for us, which is great.

Access: This week, you get to stick with one of your core characters, Belle. Obviously she needs your character’s help hiding. I’m [wondering] how far Hook is willing to go to help her hide. Gold is so dangerous … [and is] always getting the upper hand, but no one has a bigger chip on his shoulder against Gold than your character, fair to say.

Colin: Yeah, in this context, Hook is helping Belle because he feels like that is the right thing to do. It’s not for any other reason than the fact that he’s trying to do the right thing and kind of make amends for – I mean, Hook’s been a bit of a jerk to Belle in the past, so I think he’s trying to make amends by helping her. However, it doesn’t hurt that he is sort of getting one up on Gold at the same time.

Access: When you read Episode 1, and you found out that Emma was lying to Hook, what did you think of that from your character’s perspective? I imagine that’s how you look at the scripts – how would Hook feel about this if he knew, right?
Colin: Yeah. … For Hook, I think he would be disappointed that sort of maybe she doesn’t trust him enough to sort of deal with these problems together, but they have a very, very deep connection and he knows obviously something is off with her and he would want to help her in anyway that he could. So that’s sort of where he is at at the minute and he just wants to try and do right by Emma and kind of be the best boyfriend, I guess, that he can be.

Access: Any chance we’ll see you facing off with the Evil Queen any time soon? That’s something I’m expecting at some point.
Colin: Yeah, you’ll definitely see Hook and The Evil Queen go at each other. They obviously have a history and know each other well. The Evil Queen is sort of the big threat to Storybrooke this season, so everybody will have a relationship with her and Hook is no different.

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

 Jolie Lash


Naomi / October 1st, 2016

Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) may be living out his happily ever after with Emma (Jennifer Morrison) in Storybrooke, but now that the Savior is keeping a huge secret from her friends and family, that ever after might be getting a little less happy.

Emma’s unavoidable death — if that Oracle (Jordyn Ashley Olson) is to be believed — is a serious threat hanging over the entire season, and we’re more eager than ever to figure out just who is under that hood.

We asked Colin O’Donoghue to help us speculate who’s under the hood, how Hook and Emma will weather this newest storm and what to expect from his team-up with Belle to hide her from Rumplestiltskin.

How is Hook dealing with Emma keeping this huge secret from him?
Colin O’Donoghue:
Hook sort of knows that she’s keeping something from him. They’re pretty close, and they can tell when things are off with each other. He knows that something’s not right, and it’s bugging him a little bit that she won’t share. He’ll definitely confront her about it.

He broached the subject with her very quickly, but Emma, when she’s guarded, can be very guarded. Hook always seems to manage to break her down and break down those walls though.

Is that going to eventually take its toll on their relationship?
Assuming that he finds out, I would think he would be disappointed and slightly annoyed that she doesn’t feel that she could trust him enough to share. But Hook loves her and is willing to do whatever he can to help her and be the best man that he can be for Emma, so I think he would forgive her pretty quickly.

Do you have any theories about who is under the hood?
I haven’t got a clue actually, and I’m dying to find out, but they won’t tell me. Who do you think it is?

I think it might be an existential crisis sort of thing and Emma will kill herself, but that’s a little dark for ‘Once Upon a Time.’
“Once Upon a Time” is pretty dark. I mean, I’ve died three times — four times? We do rip out hearts from living people, so I don’t think that’s terribly dark. That’s a good one.

What can you tell us about Belle and Hook’s storyline coming up?
Hook sort of is willing to help Belle purely just to do the right thing. She wants to get away from Gold and keep Gold out of her life and her unborn child’s life at the minute. She asks for help and Hook wants to help. He knows that he’s not been the nicest to her in the past, and their relationship is good now, so he wants to make sure she’s protected. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s getting a one-up on Rumple as well.

Do you think Hook’s involvement will reignite the rivalry between him and Rumple?
I’m not so sure the rivalry has ever died down. I think Hook is trying to be the hero that everybody thinks that he can be, and he’s really trying to do his best by Emma and by everybody.

Are there any particular Untold Stories characters that you want to tease Hook’s connection to?
We know that we’ll see that he has a relationship with some people, and people know that Captain Nemo is coming in. He might have a history with Nemo, but that’s about all I can say. I think it’s around episode 6, so it’s early enough in the season. All I can say is that [Nemo] knows who Captain Hook is.

Fans love to see the Hook/Charming friendship, so can we look forward to more of that?
Hook is obviously dating his daughter, so you’ll see quite a lot of interaction between the two of them. There will be a more in-depth side of their relationship later on in the season, which is very interesting.

With so many villains in Storybrooke right now, who do you think Hook should be most worried about?
The thing about Hook is that I don’t think he’s ever scared of anyone. Like even when he’s faced Rumplestiltskin, he’s always believed that he would be able to get the upper hand even though Rumple is the darkest of dark. I don’t think he’s terribly worried. He’s probably more worried about his past coming to sort of bite him in the ass.

He also knows that Emma has said she will forgive anything that’s happened in his past because of the man he is now and who she believes he can be. That’s more important than anything.

Here’s the thing, we have the Evil Queen, the Wicked Witch and the darkest of all Dark Ones living in Storybrooke already. I’m pretty certain they’re the worst.

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


Naomi / September 30th, 2016

Now that the Land of Untold Stories has been unleashed on Storybrooke, everyone’s pasts will be coming back to haunt them on Once Upon a Time — and that’s especially prevalent for Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) as he grapples with trying to be a hero this season.

During Sunday’s episode, Hook will take a step a step in a heroic direction by protecting Belle (Emilie de Ravin) from Rumple (Robert Carlyle), even if he has his own motives for doing so. Little does Hook know, however, that there’s an even greater threat roaming Storybrooke who may be responsible for Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) demise. How will Hook feel when he finds out about the prophecy? EW turned to O’Donoghue to find out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start off with Sunday’s episode. Belle will be turning to Hook for help in hiding from Rumple. What can you tease?
She obviously wants to shield Rumple from being in her life or her unborn child’s life, and who better to hide something than a pirate, you know what I mean? He helps her escape and hide, but I can’t tell you where yet.

Does Hook still desire to kill Rumple?
That’s a very complicated and complex relationship. We haven’t really explored it so far this season, but I think deep down that will always be there. It’s been a part of Hook for hundreds of years, so I think it’s whether or not he decides to act on it or how he would go about doing that. In a way, even trying to hide Belle — even though he’s doing it for the right reasons, he’s doing it to help her — there’s a slight little one-upmanship going on there with Rumple and trying to get one over on him. But this season, Rumple, or Mr. Gold, he’s particularly dark. He’s as dark as probably any Dark One can get. So I guess maybe it will always be in the background.

Hook already suspects that Emma is hiding something from him — will that only intensify in the coming episode?

Yeah, she hasn’t told him the truth about her hand, and she hasn’t said anything about the vision that she had. Hook knows her so well that he can tell something is not right. The one thing that they’ve always had in their relationship is honesty — at times, they’ve even been brutally honest with each other. In hiding things from each other, they can tell when something is not right, so it will definitely play a big part in the coming episodes.

How do you think that’s going to start to affect their relationship, especially when he does find out about the prophecy?

Obviously I’d imagine that he wouldn’t be too happy that she’s been keeping something from him, something that is such a big thing. He probably just hasn’t been able to know her and be able to help her in whatever way she needs. I think he would probably find that as some sort of betrayal. I mean he loves her, so he’ll be annoyed I would think, but he’d probably forgive her.

What lengths do you think he will go to, as well as her family, to try and prevent her death?
He’d sacrifice himself for her if he had to. When he has to help her or if she ever needs anything from him, I mean, you saw even with getting her to kill him to go to the Underworld, he saved everybody, he’s willing to die for her. So he’d go to the ends of the Earth.

We are going to learn much more about Hook’s past this season. What can you tease in that regard?
We see a little bit, I think it’s episode 6 or something and there’s quite a bit we see in Hook’s past. We might learn a little bit more about his family, his father’s side of the family that Hook didn’t know about. We learn a little bit more about that and see some of the characters that he’s encountered in his past. We get to see a bit more of Hook’s past and I was delighted to get to do that.

How is he struggling this year with trying to be a hero?
I think he’s accepted it, that that’s who he is at the minute. He’s not really struggling that much at the minute with the idea of being that, because he’s enjoying being a part of Emma’s life and trying to make a life with her. Now that he’s found love again, he’s happy to go back to being an honorable person. Obviously, there’s so many things that he’s done in his past that are bound to bubble up and affect his relationship with others in Storybrooke. At the minute, he’s enjoying being a part of Emma’s life.

There’s a lot of people coming in from the Land of Untold Stories. What connections will Hook have to these people?
Yeah, you definitely see that in this upcoming hour, not in this episode, but the one that I was just talking about with Hook’s backstory. We’ll meet a couple of characters there who Hook had encountered in his past and they managed to find a way to the Land of Untold Stories. They come back and haunt him a little bit and, in some ways, affect his relationships with some of the people that he’s very, very close with. He has to find a way to deal with that and put his past in the past.

What kind of dynamic does he have with Captain Nemo?
He definitely knows Captain Nemo and he has spent time with him. I think he has a healthy respect, if you want to call it that, for Nemo and we’ll get to see a little bit of their relationship and how they’ve interacted with each other.

How does Hook feel about the Evil Queen being alive? What threat does she pose to him in particular?
The problem with the Evil Queen is she’s the real threat to everybody this season, because she doesn’t have any of the restrictions that Regina would have had, even though she was evil. The Evil Queen is now pure evil. Hook doesn’t particularly like her, because she wants to basically kill everybody, so he will try to stop that and try to find a way to get rid of the Evil Queen.


Naomi / September 30th, 2016

There’s trouble in paradise on Once Upon a Time for Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) now that Emma is keeping a major secret from her love.

In last Sunday’s season premiere, Emma began getting visions of her own death and found out at the end of the episode they are visions of the future and there’s nothing she can do to stop her death from coming. That sounds like something you should tell your boyfriend who you just went to the underworld to save, right? Apparently, that’s not how this is going to go down.

TVGuide.com caught up with O’Donoghue to talk about how Hook feels about the secret, this juncture in the “Captain Swan” relationship and what else is in store for Storybrooke’s swashbuckling hero.

Emma is keeping this huge secret from Hook. Does he believe her when she says everything is fine or is he suspicious at all?
Colin O’Donoghue:
Oh he doesn’t believe her. He definitely knows that something is not right. We saw in the premiere episode that she’s quite short with him and says to go and she’s never like that with Hook. They’re honest with each other. I think he knows something is up and he’ll try and figure out a way to get that out of her and find out what that is.

How long is it going to take him to confront her about it?
[Laughs] Not too long! We see that he’ll approach it and see what’s going on with her. I think if he does find out the truth that she’s hiding something … he’ll be mad with her but he loves her so he’ll do whatever he can to help her, you know?

Well, is he going to confront her directly about it or is he going to come up with a long-term game plan to softly approach her about it? Or will he figure it out on his own?
He’s able to confront her about it. He’s never been shy about confronting [her] and saying “I know you’re holding something from me and you need to tell me what it is.” I think he has no problem doing that.

And how well is that going to go?
[Laughs] Well, I guess you’ll have to watch to find out! But look, they love each other and they don’t really want to have any secrets. They’ve said that in the past. Emma has said whatever Hook has done in his past life she’s willing to let that go because of who he is now, and he knows that she knows all of these terrible secrets about him so they really don’t keep things from each other anymore. That’s why it’s so strange why he would not tell him the truth on this.

Would you say he feels betrayed or do you think there’s a part that understands or thinks “there has to be a good reason why she’s keeping this from me?”
I think it depends. … If he found out he might feel a bit betrayed, but that’s if he finds out.

Assuming that he finds out eventually, how would he react to the truth?
I think he would be disappointed that she didn’t feel confident enough in him to trust him with the knowledge of her visions or whatever.

And they’ve gone back and forth a lot over the years. Do you think he also sees this is as a step backwards, like a regression almost? Last year she said “I love you” to him.
: He knows that she loves him and that they have a good relationship, but I think … maybe not a step back. I just think he would be disappointed she wouldn’t trust him enough to tell him and figure out a way to combat it together as opposed to her dealing with all that on her own.

If you were their couples counselor what would you recommend they do to get over their communication issues?
I don’t think I can say that [laughs]. I would say that they need to be more honest and open with each other and trust that the other person has their back.

On Sunday’s episode Hook is going to help Belle hide from Mr. Gold. How is that going to work out? This is the second time Hook has come between Gold and and the woman he loves.
In this situation Hook helps Belle because she wants help. She doesn’t want to have Gold in her life anymore and at the moment she doesn’t want Gold in their son’s life. … Hook is helping her because that’s the right thing to do in that moment. The fact that it’s getting one up on Rumple doesn’t hurt as well. But he’s happy to help her and wants to do whatever he can sort of make amends for how he treated her in the past. So we get to see a little bit of that. And also, she wants to be hidden and who better to hide anything than a pirate?

So he doesn’t have any ulterior motives, like he actually wants to help Belle?
He wants to help her, yeah. Hook now is trying to be the best person that he can be and be the hero that everybody agrees that he can be. That’s why he’s helping her.

Captain Nemo is showing up later this season, and we know he has some sort of history with Hook. What can you tease about that?
I can’t tease a huge amount other than exactly what you just said. But he does show up, and you see he has a past [with Hook]. I’m pretty certain when it was announced that Captain Nemo was going to be [in this season] that everybody would assume he had some sort of past with Hook. It’s fascinating. And Faran Tahir, who played Nemo, is just phenomenal. So it was great to get to play with him, but it’s a really interesting story and it’s a really good take on Nemo and the whole Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea world. And yeah, it was very, very exciting to do that.

Can you describe Hook’s reaction to seeing him at least?
Surprised, I guess? [chuckles] That’s about all you’re going to get!

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.


Naomi / September 30th, 2016

Alright, Oncers — listen carefully! Remember in the past when we’ve advised you to keep an inhaler by your side before you read one of our Captain Swan-themed articles? This is one of those breath-taking times.

We just got off the phone with Once Upon a Time star Colin O’Donoghue and asked him everything your Hook-loving hearts have wanted to know about season six. What’s up with Killian’s past? Where is Hook currently living? Is he so excited that his BFF, Sean Maguire, is going to be returning as Robin Hood?

We’ve got all of those answers (plus many more!) jam-packed into the article below and we’re challenging you to see how many times you can re-read his responses before this Sunday’s all-new episode.

Oh! And did we mention we asked O’Donoghue to plan Emma and Killian’s ultimate proposal? Enjoy…

ET: What was your reaction when you found out that Emma would, once again, be hiding her secrets from Killian?
Colin O’Donoghue:
Yeah, it was a bit mean of her not to tell him what’s going on, but I think for Hook, he’ll do whatever he can to help Emma and he believes that they have a relationship where they can be honest and open with each other. I think that he knows that something is not right, and that she’s hiding something and, at this point, there’s something that she won’t share.

How long are we going to have to wait until Killian really finds out what’s going on?
I think that he’ll approach the subject with her pretty much straight away. I mean, he’s not shy with approaching her and tackling things, so I think that he’ll say something pretty soon.

We have seen Killian go to hell and back — literally! — in season five. What’s next for him in season six?
He’s trying to be the best person that he can be, and be the hero that everyone believes that he can be. He also wants to be the best man for Emma, so whatever he can to do to prove to her that he’s worthy of her love, that’s where he is at the start of this season. You’ll see him in this next episode where he helps Belle and he’s doing it simply because he wants to just help. He wants to try and make amends for some of his past actions, with Belle and just in general. He knows that he has done wrong by people and he wants to make amends for all that.

We got a little bit deeper into Killian’s past last season and learned even more about his brother, Liam. Will we be diving even deeper into what makes Killian tick this year?
Yeah, we’ll definitely see a little bit more of Hook’s past. I can’t really talk about it just at the minute, but we’ll see some of the relationships that he had in his past, and sort of a little bit more about his whole family life. I mean, Hook is hundreds of years old, so there’s a lot of stuff to get through, but it’s always fun to play old Hook and sort of explore what he was like hundreds of years ago. We’ll definitely see more of his past.

We’ve always seen a really fun and interesting dynamic between old Hook and the original Evil Queen. With The Evil Queen coming back into the picture, are we going to see any fun scenes between her and Hook?
you’ll definitely see some scenes with Hook and The Evil Queen. I mean, Hook definitely is a different person now then he was back then. I don’t even know what kind of a relationship he and The Evil Queen had back then! [Laughs] But he’s a different man now, and I think he definitely wants to try and figure out a way of stopping The Evil Queen from achieving whatever she’s trying to achieve. She’s now The Evil Queen without any of Regina in her — that part that would’ve maybe questioned things in the past. Now she’s just pure evil. She’s the Mr. Hyde of that relationship.

One of your best friends, Sean Maguire — who we’ve missed desperately as Robin Hood — is coming back to the show for a bit. What was your reaction when you found out that Robin isn’t completely gone for good?
Wait. Who said best friends? I never said that. Did he say that? [Laughs] No, I’m very excited. It’s great to have him back up. I literally know nothing abut the context of the story, or how that’s going to work, but it’ll l just be great to have Sean back for a little while. He’s just a great guy, but don’t tell him I said that. It’ll be fun, we’ll have fun times.

Are we going to be seeing where Killian will be living this year? He’s kind of been all over the place — he was on the Jolly Roger, he was in Granny’s, etc. Has he officially moved in with Emma yet?
He hasn’t officially moved in at this point where we are, but he picked out the house, so he really should be there. I’m not even sure in the next episode on Sunday exactly where he lives. I don’t know if he’s on the Jolly Roger, or if he’s at Granny’s, or where he is. I think he’s just kind of floating around at the minute. Hopefully, soon he will find a place to live. Hopefully.

Hopefully with Emma because, you’re right, I totally forgot that he picked out her house!
Yeah, he’s got good taste!

Alright, Colin, when I caught up with you [at Comic Con] I asked if season six is going to be the year that either Killian or Emma pop the question to the other. How would you plan their perfect proposal?
[Laughs] I wouldn’t have a clue! Maybe some rum on the Jolly Roger? A candlelit dinner with grilled cheese and French fries, and a nice vintage rum, and I guess that would probably be it.

Do you think it would be Emma or Hook doing the proposing?
I don’t know if he would be the one to pop the question or not. That’s a pretty big step. I think that they’re navigating having a relationship in a town where they’ve got so many evil people trying to kill everybody! [Laughs] I don’t know if they have time, really, to think about popping the question.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


Sheila / September 23rd, 2016

The world of Once Upon a Time has once again expanded with the introduction of the Land of Untold Stories.

Unleashed by Hyde (Sam Witwer) in the finale, these new characters “have left their own stories for various reasons — they didn’t like how they ended, they didn’t like how they were going, they needed to be on the run,” executive producer Edward Kitsis explains. “Emma [Jennifer Morrison] and the heroes are going to have to help a whole bunch of people finish their story.” Those in need include the Count of Monte Cristo (Craig Horner), who will appear alongside newbies Jafar (Oded Fehr) and Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) — the latter whose tale will explore savior mythology, as we see the toll that role has taken on Emma.

Despite an influx of new faces, the season really puts a focus back on small town stories. “Snow’s [Ginnifer Goodwin] coming to the realization that there is no definitive happy ending — this is their happy ending,” says Kitsis. But questions about Charming’s (Josh Dallas) past create “unexpected obstacles to that happy ending they’re all trying to live,” EP Adam Horowitz adds.

Meanwhile, the inner demons Regina (Lana Parrilla) has been grappling with come to life — literally — in the form of the Evil Queen, who sets her sights on thwarting their happy endings once and for all. “She is absolutely going to be as evil if not more evil than we remember,” Kitsis says. Pro tip: Avoid apples! Below, Kitsis and Horowitz tease what’s in store for each character in season 6:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tease about the Land of Untold Stories?
: They are mostly filled with stories that have yet to be told. [Laughs] In all seriousness, the Land of Untold Stories is populated with folks kind of like what we hinted at in the season 5 finale, where we saw Dr. Jekyll (Hank Harris) and Mr. Hyde. They’re characters who we haven’t touched upon in our show, and – for whatever reason – have found their way out of the Enchanted Forest or whatever realm they were living in into this other place. What we’re going to see is that they are a bunch of characters who have left their own story for various reasons, so they didn’t like how it ended, they didn’t like how they were going, they needed to be on the run. We’re going to have little fun visual piece: When you’re at Granny’s, you should be able to see come characters you normally wouldn’t on the show.

So while Hyde was very happy to unleash the Land of Untold Stories, there may be characters who are not happy about it?
: Absolutely. There are people who ran there for a reason and were content with it. There were people who were frightened. What it does is it puts us back in a situation where Emma and the heroes are going to have to help a whole bunch of people finish their story.

Tell us about some of the new faces we’ll be meeting this year as a result.
: We’re seeing Jafar. As we’ve already shown in a little clip from the premiere, he’s a bit of a scary fellow who seems to be somewhat cold-blooded. We are going to learn a bit about the state of Agrabah, and what his role in that place is, and how that connects to the Once Upon a Time spin on the Aladdin/Jasmine story.

What can you tease about Aladdin?
: As we showed at Comic-Con, we teased that he was the Savior. So we can say that through Aladdin we might learn a lot more about Saviors. We are going to be seeing a lot of our version of Aladdin’s story in the first five episodes.

And Jasmine (Karen David)?
: Our version of Jasmine is a story that we also are beginning to explore within the first five episodes. We learn a lot about Jasmine, but our Jasmine hopefully fits the mold of the princesses on Once Upon a Time as she is very strong, and has a very important goal in mind, something that she’s trying to do that’s not just about romance with Aladdin or anything like that. She’s a princess with a mission.

And you’ll get more into Hyde?
: We definitely hinted that Hyde and Rumple had a backstory, and we are very excited to show what that is. We will be doing our version of Jekyll and Hyde within the first five.

How does Jekyll feel about all of this?
: I’ll tell you how he feels: frightened. Jekyll is very frightened, he came here looking for refuge, and his worst half is out there trying to kill him.

We’ll also meet Morpheus (Giles Matthey).
: Well, that I think the premiere will explain itself. Our take on Morpheus and what we’re doing with that character is unveiled in the premiere.
KITSIS: And it probably isn’t what you think it is. Well, if it is what you think it is, you really caught us.
HOROWITZ: There are some surprises in store for Morpheus.

And for the Count of Monte Cristo?
: Well, the Count of Monte Cristo is a perfect character for the Land of Untold Stories. We are going to find out why he ended up in the Land of Untold Stories, why he ran there. He has a very interesting connection to a few of our friends in the Enchanted Forest.

Because of the Land of Untold Stories, will we see untold stories from characters we already know?
: We’re going to see that the Queen has a connection and a tie to the Count of Monte Cristo, and that that’s one way you’ll see that these stories start to tie into the Once Upon a Time world in a very strong way.
KITSIS: We have Archie (Raphael Sbarge) coming back.
HOROWITZ: Emma is going to be his patient and he’s going to be helping through her difficult times. Dr. Whale is coming back for an episode.
KITSIS: It’s a cameo, it’s a small thing, we just love David Anders.
HOROWITZ: Well, let me put it this way, we’re going to have Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, there has to be a mad scientist convention.
KITSIS: Let’s just say mad scientists get together.

Let’s turn to the main characters. What are we seeing for Emma this year?
: Emma is going to be dealing a lot with what it means to be a Savior, the mythology behind being a Savior, how that ties in to her growth as a person and how she’s been coming into her own over these last five seasons. It’s going to be front and center.
KITSIS: We’re going to further see the toll all this fighting is taking on Emma. We know that she had a very troubled childhood, we know that she spent her whole life searching for her family, but in the last five years she not only found her family, but she discovered she was a Savior, and we’re going to see the toll that all of this has taken on her.
HOROWITZ: Yeah, that’s one of the questions we’re interested to explore this year, which is what happens after five seasons — five seasons of fighting, snow monsters, and going to Neverland, saving everybody’s lives, and going to the underworld and back — what does that do to a person? What does that level of responsibility and power actually do to someone? That’s the jumping off point for Emma this year.

How about for Snow White?
: The story that we’re trying to explore there is what happens to Snow White now after all these years, after the curse is broken? After last year, she decided that she’s not Mary-Margaret anymore, she is Snow, and she is the ruler of these people. She is in charge of an entire kingdom, and now she wants to find some level of normalcy. What does that mean? How do you find that? How do you rule?
KITSIS: She’s coming to the realization that there is no definitive happy ending — this is their happy ending. Although she’s Snow White, she wants to be Snow White in ways that don’t always involve fighting a bad guy in a far off land.

: The Evil Queen cannot just be hovering out there and not be menacing. Charming has always had questions about his family and his father that he thought were answered, but he’s going to be taken down a path that could very much lead to — Charming’s past becomes something very important to his future, and I think we’re going to see him and Snow embarking on some adventure related to that past, and what that’s going to create for them moving forward, which is some unexpected obstacles to that happy ending they’re all trying to live.

: We’ve seen a lot of growth from Regina. We’ve seen her fight her inner demons. We literally saw her split her inner demons. So Regina is going to face the toughest villain she’s ever had to face her entire life, and that’s herself.

The Evil Queen?
: Part of what she’s going to be dealing with is she’s been stripped away of what she thinks are her weaknesses, which is the Regina part of herself. That seems to clear her up to be unrepentantly evil and bad, which is freeing and exciting for her. But at the same time, she also is Regina, she also is Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) mother — she loves Henry, she has that part of her as well. We’re going to be exploring the complexity of what does it mean when you separate these halves, can you really separate them, can part of you actually be completely good or evil or is it more complicated?
KITSIS: And she is absolutely going to be as evil, if not more evil, than we remember.

Zelena (Rebecca Mader)?
: Zelena is also going to be wrestling with who she is and who she wants to be going forward. I think that being a mother has affected her, and has made her grow in some ways. But at the same time, Zelena is the Wicked Witch. She is wicked. That is a part of her. She’s done terrible things. She deals with the terrible things she’s done, but maybe not all characters are on a path to redemption. Maybe embracing the wicked bit is who she is, and that is not going to be easy for everyone in town.
KITSIS: For the Wicked Witch, she’s always wanted a sister, and now she has two to choose from.

Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle)?
: Rumple last year declared the truth, which is he likes being the Dark One, he likes the power, and he wants Belle (Emilie de Ravin) to love him for who he truly is. We know that they’re in a bad place, and I think it’s only going to get messier. Rumple and Belle are at a crossroads. They have a child and I think there’s going to be a lot of headaches for the two of them.
HOROWITZ: What’s interesting to the two of us about Rumple is as dark as he is, he does love Belle. That is one of the things that he continues to wrestle with, which is last season we saw him trying to admit who he is and not apologize for it, but going forward, he also reveals the fact that he does love Belle. So how can he reconcile those two parts of himself that seem to be at war with each other?

: Belle right now is in Pandora’s Box, but we’re hoping that she gets out, and if she does, I think that we are going to see her having surprising friendships with somebody. At the same time, I think Belle is also on a search to find her place. She doesn’t want to just be tied in with Rumple. She knows she has this child, and she’s wrestling with the idea of how is she going to be able to handle this? Her feelings toward Rumple are ones of anger, but yet they have this child together. So for the rest of their lives, they are all tied together, and that messiness and her future are what are on her mind right now.

: Henry is growing into a hero, and I think that’s what we’re seeing. We’re going to see him back at school, we’re going to see him back in operation with Emma, and he is growing into his role as hero and author.

Will that operation have a name?
: There is a new operation name and it will be revealed in the premiere.

How about for Hook (Colin O’Donoghue)?
: Last year we saw Emma saying I love you to him when they weren’t in any danger, so Hook is excited to progress that relationship. At the same time, he is on his path of redemption, and we are going to see Hook doing his best to be heroic this year. We are planning to delve more into Hook’s past. Hook is a character who has had a dark past, and because of that, it’s another case of a character who is trying to fight for a continual happy ending, must come to terms with what they’ve done in the past and see that there may also be come unexpected consequences with that in the future.
KITSIS: Hook is a pirate who has lived hundreds of years traveling the many worlds, so there are a few people in the Land of Untold Stories that might have a past with him.

What are some of the themes that you guys are exploring this season?
: Some of the things that we’re exploring are what is a happy ending? We’re exploring fate, destiny, the future, what does that future mean? We are also really exploring the demons within ourselves. Can you just separate the darkness or is the darkness a part of us and we need to be both? We’ll see Regina is literally facing herself, but I think that could apply to anyone. We know with Rumple and Gold, we know everybody has the darkness in there, demons in their past that they’ve come to terms with.

With all that’s going on, what does the dynamic between Emma, Regina and Snow look like this year?
: One of the nice things about having five seasons of the show is that there’s a lot of history now from the characters. This really is a family that has come together. Henry’s dream in the beginning was to bring everyone together, and I think in a lot of ways he has, but this year they’re going to be tested from their past. If there’s one thing the Evil Queen hates it’s Snow White — Snow White and other people’s happiness.

Snow and Charming are the original characters we fell in love with. What would you say is going to surprise us about their story this year?
: Well, it’s hard to say what would surprise you about this story this year.
HOROWITZ: Without giving away the surprise.
KITSIS: But what I sense is that, as you said, this all began with Snow White being woken up by Charming, and we very much would like to see a lot of Snow and Charming this year.

Lastly, will the dwarves finally get a story this year?
: Oh, 100 percent. You are absolutely going to see Leroy (Lee Arenberg) and the dwarves are back at it. We’re going to learn the fate of Dopey.

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


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