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Naomi / July 24th, 2016

Naomi / July 23rd, 2016

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Naomi / July 23rd, 2016

Sheila / May 7th, 2016

As Once Upon a Time’s heroes and villains return from the Underworld to face Hades in Storybrooke, the final episodes of the fifth season are gearing up to be an emotional rollercoaster.

With that in mind, EW decided it was time to put executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis in The Hot Seat. For our special finale edition, the OUAT bosses have the option of answering your questions with “Yes,” “No,” “Can’t say” or “Next season.” Get the scoop below:

Could Emma have just put half her heart in Hook’s corpse after he died to revive him?

Have we seen the last of the DarkSwan house?
You mean Emma’s new house? No. That is her new home. It is no longer going to be housing Excalibur in the basement. Maybe she’ll put in a foosball table. That is very much her place.

Is there a meaning behind the nursery in Emma’s house in the Underworld?
The meaning is, like when Rumple goes to his shop and we see a lot of the things from his past are there in his face, it’s the past coming back to haunt you. We did it visually to remind Emma of that time, here’s the nursery she never got to live in.

Will there be more Emma and Regina team-ups using magic?

Will Henry’s job as the author play a role in the finale?

Will we ever see Henry’s younger years prior to the book?
Can’t say.

Could Henry still be Rumple’s undoing?
Can’t say.

Is there any hope that the character who is dying this season will come back?
There is always a chance. You know, you never die in flashbacks.

In the aftermath of the funeral, will the Charming-Mills family bind together even tighter?
Or the reverse could happen.

Could the death cause Regina to revert back to the Evil Queen?
Oooh, good question. Can’t say. The reason we can’t is because we can’t say there’s been a death.

Was it originally planned for Regina to face more of her victims in the Underworld?
No. For us, we liked the idea that she had to get closure with her family. We loved having the victims that were there go up. A bunch of villagers we’ve never met before we didn’t think was as interesting as putting her in an arc with her sister, mom, and dad.

Will we ever explore Snow White’s dynamic with her mother again?
HOROWITZ: It would be next season.

Been loving Snow and Charming in 5B. Will we get to see more of them on adventures together?
We would sure hope so. We’d love to have many more adventures with Snow and Charming being adventuresome.
KITSIS: We would really love next season to see Snow and Charming in full adventure mode.
HOROWITZ: It would be great to see more of the Bandit Snow and Charming, and some of the swashbuckling romantic stuff that we started with the two of them. So for sure, we’re totally on board for that.

Will we see Killian and David working together?
Only if he’s alive.

Will Zeus play a part in saving Hook from the Underworld?
Can’t say.

Will we see the Jolly Roger again before the end of the season?
Next season.
HOROWITZ: If Hook is alive.
KITSIS: If Hook’s alive, sure, but next season we might show the Jolly Roger, like Emma could take it and sail the world in sadness.
HOROWITZ: It could be they use it and open a restaurant it on it.
KITSIS: Leroy could move into it for a houseboat, you never know, but I like you trying to trick us.

Does Rumple have the capacity to care more about his unborn child than his power?
That is the question of next season.

Will Belle ever wear her wedding ring again?
Only if Rumple can win her heart back.

Will the sleeping curse have any adverse effects on Belle or her baby?
Can’t say.

Will Belle still be pregnant at the end of the season?
Can’t say.

Any chance to meet Rumple’s mother?
We should.
KITSIS: We would like to.
HOROWITZ: It would be next season.

Will we find out Baby Hood’s name soon?
KITSIS: This weekend. This. Weekend.

Will we see any kind of Robin backstory finally?
Can’t say.

Will there be an engagement in the last few episodes of season 5?

Will there be a time jump this season?
No. Only in that time moves forward.

Will the innocent souls in the river like Aunt Em and Milah ever be released?
I would watch this weekend.

Will we see what happens to the Underworld if everyone solves their unfinished business?
Can’t say.

Have we seen the last of Cruella?
Can’t say, but we hope not. We love Cruella.

Will we see more of Ruby and Dorothy?
Not this season, and that’s based on actor availability and scheduling, not a desire to not show them.
HOROWITZ: We absolutely wanted to see them more this season.
KITSIS: Meghan [Ory] is the lead on a new series, so we were not, unfortunately, able to bring her back this year, but we’d love to see her again next season should the actress make herself available.
HOROWITZ: It was our intention to include them in this end run of episodes, but scheduling got in the way. We hope to be able to include them next season.

Will we get to see what happened to Lily and Maleficent and who Lily’s dad is?
Next season. Oh yeah, we’ll have plans. You’ll see, hopefully they’ll be great.
KITSIS: I’ll say this, we hear the fans. We know what stories you feel like we’ve dropped, and we’ve got an episode for you next year.
HOROWITZ: We’ve got some plans to try to address many of those things next season.

Will we get to see the Camelot story wrapped up with Arthur and Guinevere​?

Will we ever see Aladdin or Jasmine on the show?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will we ever get a musical episode?
Can’t say.
HOROWITZ: We’ll never say never, but can’t say.
KITSIS: That will be based on time and someone knowing how to do a musical, and I can tell you the two of us do not.

Are we going to see what happened with Will and Anastasia someday?
Someday! Maybe right around when we see Lily and Maleficent.

Are the new guys considered to be past authors like Henry?

Will season 6 be set in Storybrooke, or are there other realms to visit?
Storybrooke. I will say that the finale is unlike the ones that we’ve done before. It will not be an alternate reality, and next year will not follow the same pattern that we’ve always done. Just when you think you’ve got us, we’re going to change it again.

Have questions for the Once bosses? Hit the comments below or send them to @NatalieAbrams with the hashtag #EWHotSeat.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


Naomi / May 5th, 2016

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Sheila / April 29th, 2016

She’s a Captain Swan shipper! Jennifer Morrison stopped by HollywoodLife’s podcast and revealed that she thinks Hook and Emma are the epitome of ‘true love.’ But does she think they’ll get a happy ending? Click to LISTEN!

Hook and Emma’s relationship is one of the most beloved on Once Upon A Time. Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma, loves Captain Swan just as much as the fans. She came by HollywoodLife’s podcast to discuss Hook and Emma’s “true love” and more! Plus, she reveals what she really thinks of Colin O’Donoghue, 35, and her struggle with migraines. Check out more OUAT scoop now!

Ever since Hook and Emma first shared a scene, fans have wanted them together. We asked Jennifer if she thinks Hook and Emma will have a happy ending. “I hope so,” she told us. “I, as an audience member, hope so.”

On Once Upon A Time, it’s all about true love. Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen Emma and Hook’s relationship evolve to that. “I do feel like they really are true love, and they are going to do whatever it takes to fight to be together,” Jennifer revealed. “I think that’s also an interesting thing to do on television. A lot of times TV keeps characters apart that are in love. Physically, they kept us apart. But for most of season 5 we do spend the time admitting that we’re a couple. It’s not that they had a falling out with each other. I think that ultimately as the story continues, it’s going to be important to see Emma’s happy ending. Emma is sort of, she is the new fairytale, she’s Eddy and Adam’s creation, so I think ultimately we’re on a journey to figure out what her happy ending looks like.”

There’s nothing but love between Jen and her co-star Colin. She gushed about him on our podcast. “I think they just cast the best actor,” she said. “When he came on, the first day, we knew we had chemistry. We knew we got along, we knew he fit in with the cast, and he looks great with eyeliner.”

Jennifer has been on the show since the pilot, and she works long hours to film all the episodes in a season. Unfortunately, when she was working on OUAT, she started having migraines. She revealed that when they first started happening, it was “terrifying” for her. She’s now working with MoreToMigraine.com to help others who suffer from migraines.

“If I had known about a resource like that [MoreToMigraine.com], it would have helped me skip the concern and the panic and the fear of not really understanding what was happening because of course you hear about migraines and you identify the pain with the migraine, but you don’t necessarily know about the other symptoms.”

The website offers pivotal information for anyone looking to learn more about migraines. “MoreToMigraine.com is a website that is a portal for people to go and get information,” she told us. “You can find out about different symptoms, how migraines present themselves and a ton of research and information about it, so when you do go meet with your doctor you will be more aware of the things you should bring up, the questions you should ask. Then you can work with your doctor to find the best treatment plan for your particular migraines.”

HollywoodLifers, do you ship Hook and Emma? Let us know!


Naomi / April 25th, 2016

Go big, or go home.
From Saoirse to Lenny, us Irish have been cracking Hollywood for fun in recent years. But who will be next to achieve their dream and break onto the A-list?

Colin O’Donoghue
O’Donoghue cut his acting teeth on the likes of Fair City and The Clinic, but he’s a long way from Carrickstown now. The Drogheda native has been sailing onto higher plains as Captain Hook in the ABC show Once Upon a Time. His next step will be starring alongside Gabriel Byrne in Carrie Pilby.


Naomi / March 31st, 2016

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Ryan Lacen, writer and director of The Dust Storm. Thanks again for this!

1. The movie was shot in a very short amount of time, how difficult was it to do all of that?

It was definitely challenging! A lot of independent films with a limited budget have a shooting schedule of around 18 days, we had to create the same magic and capture the honesty of the film in 12 shooting days. We had an amazing crew led by DP Tim Sutherland that moved quickly to make this accomplishable as well as a stellar lead cast with Colin and Kristen. They were challenged with shooting over seven pages a day and showed up every day prepared to take on each and every scene. We
rarely had to do a second take due to one of the cast not knowing a line.

2. Colin is singing and playing the guitar in the movie. Where and when was the first time you heard his musical talents before casting him?

It was important to us in the casting process to not only find the right actors that could bring the characters to life but to also discover the perfect actor – that could sing and play a guitar. We were sold on Colin from the first time we heard him read a scene from the Dust Storm but we hadn’t heard
him sing before. So our amazing casting director Jessica Sherman sent us over some links of him playing the guitar and singing – and we knew – we had our Brennan! We ended up recording the songs for the film in a unique recording studio in Nashville, a spot that Elvis had once recorded songs at. Colin, whose
very raw and honest in his musical sense, could’ve approached the title track (written by music supervisor Kat Meoz) in various directions, but he let the music guide him and the emotion poured through the mic. This same song is heard both acoustically and accompanied by a band in the film.

3. The soundtracks sounds absolutely amazing! Most artists are from Nashville, how important was that aspect?

The soul of the movie is the connection between the two characters of Brennan and Nora, but the heartbeat of the film is its music. Finding the perfect sound and balance was a fun task of us being able to explore and see various local musicians and groups. The film wasn’t written to be in Nashville but once we chose the city as the location it became a strong character which made it important to us to be as authentic in our musical casting as possible. Many of the artists are actually in the film as well, such as Feedback Revival, Morgan Myles, Lost Dog, Kari and Billy, Grit and Startisan to name a few.

4. What do you like the most about Nashville?

Besides the amazing food we’d have to say the – people. Filmmaking is such a collaborative process and we couldn’t have accomplished this feat without the talented and giving local crew, cast, background artists and opening hands of the city that took us in. Normally, on a lot of films, when you shoot out of town you stay in a hotel – but we (our editor, 1st AD, Costume Designer, Producer, Music Supervisor and both Anthony and Myself) decided to rent a house in East Nashville. Being surrounded by a friendly community, it made us feel like home – and there is nothing betterthan getting to spend your whole day making a movie and having a wrap drink in one of the million incredible spots with live music.

5. What’s the funniest thing that happened on set? Any bloopers you can share?

We were filming in a small cramped motel room, so we had to have video village with our directors monitors in – the bathroom. So we crammed myself and the co-director Anthony as well as the script supervisor into the bathtub to watch the intimate scene on the monitor. After I called action I wait for Colin to enter the room with flowers – but on this particular take –the door swings open for this disheveled Dude (our Assistant Director Kyler) who walks in with the flowers – gives a smug look to Nora (Kristen) and a head nod, then says “Oooops Wrong Room”… Then he walks out! We all sat in the bathtub laughing, only to find out – Colin set up the whole moment.

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