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Naomi / October 1st, 2016

Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) may be living out his happily ever after with Emma (Jennifer Morrison) in Storybrooke, but now that the Savior is keeping a huge secret from her friends and family, that ever after might be getting a little less happy.

Emma’s unavoidable death — if that Oracle (Jordyn Ashley Olson) is to be believed — is a serious threat hanging over the entire season, and we’re more eager than ever to figure out just who is under that hood.

We asked Colin O’Donoghue to help us speculate who’s under the hood, how Hook and Emma will weather this newest storm and what to expect from his team-up with Belle to hide her from Rumplestiltskin.

How is Hook dealing with Emma keeping this huge secret from him?
Colin O’Donoghue:
Hook sort of knows that she’s keeping something from him. They’re pretty close, and they can tell when things are off with each other. He knows that something’s not right, and it’s bugging him a little bit that she won’t share. He’ll definitely confront her about it.

He broached the subject with her very quickly, but Emma, when she’s guarded, can be very guarded. Hook always seems to manage to break her down and break down those walls though.

Is that going to eventually take its toll on their relationship?
Assuming that he finds out, I would think he would be disappointed and slightly annoyed that she doesn’t feel that she could trust him enough to share. But Hook loves her and is willing to do whatever he can to help her and be the best man that he can be for Emma, so I think he would forgive her pretty quickly.

Do you have any theories about who is under the hood?
I haven’t got a clue actually, and I’m dying to find out, but they won’t tell me. Who do you think it is?

I think it might be an existential crisis sort of thing and Emma will kill herself, but that’s a little dark for ‘Once Upon a Time.’
“Once Upon a Time” is pretty dark. I mean, I’ve died three times — four times? We do rip out hearts from living people, so I don’t think that’s terribly dark. That’s a good one.

What can you tell us about Belle and Hook’s storyline coming up?
Hook sort of is willing to help Belle purely just to do the right thing. She wants to get away from Gold and keep Gold out of her life and her unborn child’s life at the minute. She asks for help and Hook wants to help. He knows that he’s not been the nicest to her in the past, and their relationship is good now, so he wants to make sure she’s protected. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s getting a one-up on Rumple as well.

Do you think Hook’s involvement will reignite the rivalry between him and Rumple?
I’m not so sure the rivalry has ever died down. I think Hook is trying to be the hero that everybody thinks that he can be, and he’s really trying to do his best by Emma and by everybody.

Are there any particular Untold Stories characters that you want to tease Hook’s connection to?
We know that we’ll see that he has a relationship with some people, and people know that Captain Nemo is coming in. He might have a history with Nemo, but that’s about all I can say. I think it’s around episode 6, so it’s early enough in the season. All I can say is that [Nemo] knows who Captain Hook is.

Fans love to see the Hook/Charming friendship, so can we look forward to more of that?
Hook is obviously dating his daughter, so you’ll see quite a lot of interaction between the two of them. There will be a more in-depth side of their relationship later on in the season, which is very interesting.

With so many villains in Storybrooke right now, who do you think Hook should be most worried about?
The thing about Hook is that I don’t think he’s ever scared of anyone. Like even when he’s faced Rumplestiltskin, he’s always believed that he would be able to get the upper hand even though Rumple is the darkest of dark. I don’t think he’s terribly worried. He’s probably more worried about his past coming to sort of bite him in the ass.

He also knows that Emma has said she will forgive anything that’s happened in his past because of the man he is now and who she believes he can be. That’s more important than anything.

Here’s the thing, we have the Evil Queen, the Wicked Witch and the darkest of all Dark Ones living in Storybrooke already. I’m pretty certain they’re the worst.

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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