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TVLINE | You obviously worked a lot over the years with Colin [O’Donoghue, as Hook]. What was his reaction to your decision to leave, what kind of support did you get?
Colin and I are good friends and will always be good friends. He knows me like a family member, so he was sad, because obviously we work well together and we enjoy our time on set together. But the other side of that is he cares about me as a person and he knew it was the right thing for my life. He was very supportive about that.

TVLINE | Looking back, do you have any favorite seasons or storylines?
I loved the Dark Swan storyline, the idea of being able to stretch Emma in different ways and explore the darker side of her. And I also love that ultimately they still stayed true to the Savior that was within her. That she is who she is, and you can’t take away that fate. That no matter what she went through and no matter how far she pushed the limits, ultimately within her was this fate as the Savior. I thought they did an amazing job of giving that character a chance to spread her wings and be completely different in certain ways but also keep her true to the core of her being. Her intentions and her desires were actually well-intended, even though she was going about it in maybe not the most productive way. [Laughs]

I have loved so many of the storylines over the years. I loved the Back to the Future stuff that I did with Colin [in the Season 3 finale]. Once Upon Time Back FutureI loved the musical episode [on May 7]; I was so happy that I got to be a part of that and I felt as if it was a very beautiful wrap-up of who Emma has become. It was a chance to really see her go from that ugly duckling to a swan, in that song she has [“Emma’s Theme”] in the mayor’s office. It was also a chance to see her completely unguarded and absolutely in love and vulnerable with Hook at the wedding. She was full of joy and not worrying about the next monster or crisis, just absolutely deciding to be in the moment and alive and free and happy. And she was willing to do that knowing that she’s about to face something really difficult. She had the courage to say, “You know what? It’s OK to be in the moment. We’re going to find a way through and it’s going to be OK.” To see her in that place after how far she has come…. It’s hard to imagine, when you watch her in the pilot, being someone who could grow to that place. I love that I got to take her on such an incredible journey.


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Go big, or go home.
From Saoirse to Lenny, us Irish have been cracking Hollywood for fun in recent years. But who will be next to achieve their dream and break onto the A-list?

Colin O’Donoghue
O’Donoghue cut his acting teeth on the likes of Fair City and The Clinic, but he’s a long way from Carrickstown now. The Drogheda native has been sailing onto higher plains as Captain Hook in the ABC show Once Upon a Time. His next step will be starring alongside Gabriel Byrne in Carrie Pilby.


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We had the amazing opportunity to interview Ryan Lacen, writer and director of The Dust Storm. Thanks again for this!

1. The movie was shot in a very short amount of time, how difficult was it to do all of that?

It was definitely challenging! A lot of independent films with a limited budget have a shooting schedule of around 18 days, we had to create the same magic and capture the honesty of the film in 12 shooting days. We had an amazing crew led by DP Tim Sutherland that moved quickly to make this accomplishable as well as a stellar lead cast with Colin and Kristen. They were challenged with shooting over seven pages a day and showed up every day prepared to take on each and every scene. We
rarely had to do a second take due to one of the cast not knowing a line.

2. Colin is singing and playing the guitar in the movie. Where and when was the first time you heard his musical talents before casting him?

It was important to us in the casting process to not only find the right actors that could bring the characters to life but to also discover the perfect actor – that could sing and play a guitar. We were sold on Colin from the first time we heard him read a scene from the Dust Storm but we hadn’t heard
him sing before. So our amazing casting director Jessica Sherman sent us over some links of him playing the guitar and singing – and we knew – we had our Brennan! We ended up recording the songs for the film in a unique recording studio in Nashville, a spot that Elvis had once recorded songs at. Colin, whose
very raw and honest in his musical sense, could’ve approached the title track (written by music supervisor Kat Meoz) in various directions, but he let the music guide him and the emotion poured through the mic. This same song is heard both acoustically and accompanied by a band in the film.

3. The soundtracks sounds absolutely amazing! Most artists are from Nashville, how important was that aspect?

The soul of the movie is the connection between the two characters of Brennan and Nora, but the heartbeat of the film is its music. Finding the perfect sound and balance was a fun task of us being able to explore and see various local musicians and groups. The film wasn’t written to be in Nashville but once we chose the city as the location it became a strong character which made it important to us to be as authentic in our musical casting as possible. Many of the artists are actually in the film as well, such as Feedback Revival, Morgan Myles, Lost Dog, Kari and Billy, Grit and Startisan to name a few.

4. What do you like the most about Nashville?

Besides the amazing food we’d have to say the – people. Filmmaking is such a collaborative process and we couldn’t have accomplished this feat without the talented and giving local crew, cast, background artists and opening hands of the city that took us in. Normally, on a lot of films, when you shoot out of town you stay in a hotel – but we (our editor, 1st AD, Costume Designer, Producer, Music Supervisor and both Anthony and Myself) decided to rent a house in East Nashville. Being surrounded by a friendly community, it made us feel like home – and there is nothing betterthan getting to spend your whole day making a movie and having a wrap drink in one of the million incredible spots with live music.

5. What’s the funniest thing that happened on set? Any bloopers you can share?

We were filming in a small cramped motel room, so we had to have video village with our directors monitors in – the bathroom. So we crammed myself and the co-director Anthony as well as the script supervisor into the bathtub to watch the intimate scene on the monitor. After I called action I wait for Colin to enter the room with flowers – but on this particular take –the door swings open for this disheveled Dude (our Assistant Director Kyler) who walks in with the flowers – gives a smug look to Nora (Kristen) and a head nod, then says “Oooops Wrong Room”… Then he walks out! We all sat in the bathtub laughing, only to find out – Colin set up the whole moment.

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Ryan Lacen began his film career in New Mexico while a student at New Mexico State University and the University of New Mexico.

He was fortunate enough to work on “Swing Vote,” “The Spirit,” “Sunshine Cleaning” and “Year One” to name a few productions.

The native New Mexican always dreamed of bringing a film back to his home state – and he is.

Lacen wrote and directed “The Dust Storm,” which will screen at the Allen Theatres Cineport 10 at 9:30 p.m. March 4.

“The entire project was fun to work on,” he says. “I’m excited to get a hometown crowd to see the film. We’ve been promoting it for some time, and my goal was to bring it to New Mexico.”

“The Dust Storm” follows Brennan, played by Colin O’Donoghue, who is visiting Nashville, Tenn.

He is a broken musician working for a soul-sucking corporation.

Everything changes when he finds himself reunited with Nora, played by Kristen Gutoskie, the girl who crushed his heart a decade prior.

Now for one weekend, a romance will be reborn and tested all while encompassing the intoxicating world of the city’s music scene.

The film also stars Chris Carmack of ABC’s “Nashville” and Jim O’Heir of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” O’Donoghue stars in ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” and Gutoskie recently was cast in the CW’s “Containment.”

Production took place in Nashville for 12 days.

Lacen says, “It’s not country music – it’s all music – we tried to encompass every genre of their music scene,” he says. “(We) did most of our post-production in LA and returned to Las Cruces to finish editing last year.”

Lacen wrote and co-directed the film with Anthony Baldino. While he was writing, he wanted to explore how humans deal with the past.

“I wanted to see if people are still right for each other even after so much time has passed,” he says. “There’s a push and pull to this film.”

Lacen says shooting for just under two weeks was quick for a film – especially one of this size.

He credits the actors who went beyond their jobs.

“We really only had to do one take with Kristen and Colin,” he says. “They came in and smashed their takes. If it were different, we would have had to push production longer.”

Lacen filmed all of his short and student films in Albuquerque while he was in college.

He hopes to bring a production back to New Mexico one day.

“I think it’s every filmmaker’s dream to bring a production back to their hometown,” he says. “Being able to come back home and show the film will be amazing.”

Lacen says Ben La Marca served as editor of the film, and he also teaches at NMSU. Albuquerquean Ian Simon served as producer.

For more information on the film, visit theduststormfilm.com.


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Wouldn’t you think Once Upon A Time would have used this title before now? Regardless, “Swan Song” proved to be a fitting episode title, both in the mid-season finale sense, and the Emma Swan-centric sense. As Emma raced to save her family, things proved as trying and difficult as ever, but altogether it turned out to be an exciting hour of television.

This week, on the mid-season finale of Once Upon A Time: Hook’s plan comes to fruition, as the former Dark Ones will plan to take the places of our heroes on earth, and send Robin, Regina, Henry, Charming, Snow, and Rumplestiltskin to the underworld in their places. Emma races to destroy the darkness completely before she loses them. In flashbacks, Regina and Hook recall their first meeting, in which the former queen charged him with confronting and killing his father.

Just as I hoped, “Swan Song” built to an exciting climax. Emma and Hook’s conflict came to an exciting head, and lots of little things happened in-between. If I’m being honest, I thought last week’s hour was stronger, but in the “mid-season finale” age, you have to have some sort of resolution before you go on a three month hiatus. Still, this was a strong, emotional hour that had a lot of really good moments in it.

I don’t always care for the flashbacks, but Hook’s confrontation with his father was a strong one. Even though it happened in the past, I found myself wondering the entire time whether or not he’d actually go through with killing his father. We’ve spent the last few seasons seeing what a good guy he is deep down, but when you think about what hid that away, the smart money is on “he does it.” Luckily, I was right. I wasn’t cheering for him to do it, but it made for a strong, complex character twist, which doesn’t always translate well on this show. Everything with Hook’s character, though, has been pretty well developed. I’ve mentioned this before, but when they took him off the leathery one-liner filled bench and used him, both Hook and Colin O’Donoghue have risen to the occasion. The use of flashbacks in “Swan Song” was the perfect way to illustrate the character’s growth from the point we met him up until now.

There were lot of really strong, emotional moments in this episode. Every confrontation between Emma and Hook (particularly their “final” moment) packed an emotional wallop that Once hasn’t felt for several seasons. I’m not too surprised, because (lately, anyway) O’Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison have been doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Since the season called for it, those two in particular have risen to the occasion and did some of their (and the show’s) best work yet. All that to say, it’s not surprising that their scenes got me emotional. Powerful stuff.

If I have a quibble, it’s how they’re handling Rumplestiltskin. They couldn’t explore him as a hero for like, a day, before he turns back into a rat and goes crawling back to his dark magic? You shouldn’t misunderstand me here, because evil Rumple is one of the more fascinating characters on the show. His sense of loyalty and desire is always shifting, which makes for good TV. But, I think fleshing out his hero arc would’ve been the way to go, here. He’s been the Dark One, why can’t he be a good guy for a bit? And poor Belle!

While it could’ve been better (especially in terms of plot choices), I was extremely impressed by “Swan Song.” It solidified a creative rejuvenation of this show that I never thought possible. I have admitted several times before that I almost quit watching this show, but I am SO. GLAD. that I didn’t. If you’re among those who have given up, it might be time to go back.


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Before we dive into this recap, it is important that you are very well aware that there will be major spoilers ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

I don’t know about you guys, ONCE UPON A TIME fans, but I did not see that coming.

First, they left us hanging two weeks ago with the fact that Emma had turned Killian into a Dark One in order to save his life. That was already a punch to the stomach, but she did it out of love, because she couldn’t bear the thought of living without him.

And then this week’s episode happened.

Now that was a mean one-two punch to the face. I am not even getting into the Captain Swan angst yet, but just the fact that the darkness took over Killian so completely that he not only played Emma, but he was the one who cast the curse in the first place were mind-boggling. As if that wasn’t enough, he was the one to summon every single Dark One that has ever existed in order to destroy all light magic. I mean… what the hell just happened?

We start “Broken Heart” right where “Birth” left off. Killian has just found out that he is a Dark One and he is extremely pissed off, especially when Zelena returns his memories. In retaliation, he wipes Emma’s memory and disappears, taking all the dreamcatchers with him. And because that isn’t enough, Zelena puts that magic binding bracelet on Emma, so now, not only she can’t remember what her plan was going forward, but she is completely powerless to do anything. It doesn’t help that pretty much everyone is very wary of her – with good reason, in their mind – so she is basically isolated from everything and everyone. The last nail on her proverbial coffin is when Henry refuses to trust her and leaves. Of course, Killian is the one to put a knife through her heart when he throws all her issues in her face, and, holy mother of God, the look in her eyes when he tells her he wants to hurt her as much as she hurt him was heartbreaking.

Dark!Hook is equal parts cruel, terrifying and sexy and I have to say that Colin O’Donoghue really surprised me. I knew he was talented, but he took a character that had been a lovesick puppy dog – as he said so himself – and turned him around, transforming him into a completely different character. He is not that Captain Hook we met all the way back in Season 2 and he is not the good man Killian had become. No, this version of Hook as the Dark One is something completely new and Colin did an amazing job. His mannerisms, the way he talks, the way he carries himself are all completely different. At the same time that my heart was breaking for Emma and Killian – for her because she loved him so much and only did this to him to save his life; and for him, because he became the one thing he completely loathed and had spent centuries trying to get rid of his own darkness – I was overjoyed to watch such a powerful performance from both Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue. It was so good. So, so good. “Broken Heart” was probably the best episode of the season so far and I am so curious as to where they are taking this storyline.

Hook was immediately consumed by the darkness, both in Camelot and in Storybrooke and it was just so completely heartbreaking to see him killing Merlin and playing Emma in order to get what he wanted. His interaction with both the darkness in Rumple’s form and Rumplestiltskin in Storybrooke was hilarious and so refreshing. Robert Carlyle and Colin work so well together and I had missed seeing them really get into it. In other news, Henry ended up forgiving Emma and helped her get the dreamcatchers back, so everyone’s memories were restored just in time for them to figure out what Hook’s plan actually is, but not fast enough for them to stop him. Also, Regina and Robin let Zelena finally meet her daughter and it was actually a very, very touching moment. There may be hope yet for the Wicked Witch.

Everything about this season made so much sense in this episode and it all came full circle. Excalibur, Merlin’s absense in Storybrooke, Emma’s determination to leave everyone in the dark. I seriously can’t get over how all the pieces fell into all the right places and just how absolutely devastated I am for our Swan.


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After nine episodes and a short, but still inconvenient hiatus, Once Upon A Time returned and finally gave us the full story as to what happened in Camelot. We saw the aftermath of Emma turning Hook into a Dark One and we learned whose heart ended up in the Dark Curse potion. We also got a glimpse of what Nimue and the other past Dark One’s deemed their endgame. Basically, “Broken Heart” proved to be much too tame of an episode title. Totally annihilated heart would have been much more fitting to go with the audience’s tears.

Let’s back up a little bit to pick up where we left off. Hook and Zelena teamed up to stop Emma from murdering Zelena (not cool, Emma), and to learn the real reason she took everyone’s memories. Zelena used the dreamcatcher to pop Hook’s memories back into place. It turned out, he died in Camelot after getting nicked with Excalibur (damn you for being the worst, Arthur), but Emma didn’t want to let him go so she stripped the darkness out of Merlin and put it into Hook. As Killian Jones lay dying in the field of flowers, he begged Emma not to make him the thing he hated most, but Emma loved him too much to let him go. That’s when she went completely dark and Killian was whisked off to be reborn as Dark One Hook.

With his memories back in place, his first order of business in Storybrooke was to take Emma’s memories and let Zelena put the magic cuff on her. Then he left her behind to go deal with some Dark One business (which we’ll get to). Emma’s family found her magic-less and decided to leave her that way because they love her, but don’t trust her (fair enough). But hearing Henry let his mother have it hurt a lot and Emma didn’t understand why he could forgive Rumple and Regina, but not her. Henry expected better of her, but more than that, he knew she was still on the dark side because she wanted to do everything herself and not let anyone help her.

How much did that revelation hurt? Emma’s spent so much of her life alone that she always falls back on being the orphaned girl who no one cares about so she has to take care of herself. And obviously that’s not the case any longer since she has nothing but people who care about her, but of course Emma’s not going to see it that way when she’s got every Dark One ever whispering in her ear (and it didn’t help that her family and friends all rejected her plan to save Killian in Camelot). So I can’t blame Emma for thinking she needed to fix everything herself, but I also don’t blame Henry for calling her out on it because she was wrong. This is just one of the many moments this episode stomped on my heart.

We have to circle back to Camelot now and Hook’s initial reaction to becoming the Dark One. We saw the pain he suffered at the hands of Rumple and then Dark One Rumple popped up to greet him when he rose in his monk’s robes (two things: 1) Dark Ones are hilarious and 2) for someone who’s always despised magic, Killian definitely seemed to be a quick learner). Rumple told the newest Dark One he could finally have what he’s always wanted – to kill him – but they had to go back to Storybrooke first. Killian rejected the idea of the Dark Curse because he was not about to kill Emma, the person he loved most (my heart, you guys). But Rumple insisted there might be another way.

Emma sought out Killian and he let her have it for turning him into the Dark One. I can’t say that I’m mad over some of the things he said to Emma because he spoke the truth. He pointed out that he’s always there for her, always believes in her, always gives her a choice, even when her own mother didn’t, but she didn’t believe in him enough to trust him. While I do understand Emma’s issues (see above), I also think there are times where she’s been careless with Killian’s feelings (and her parents’ and other people’s too) so if it took the darkness to air the dirty laundry, so be it. But here’s the thing. Emma’s grown and matured (which has been wonderful to watch) so she accepted his feelings and assured him that she wanted the future with him and she said ‘I love you’ first for the first time and asked that he trust her to save both of them (That moment and the look on Killian’s face may go down as one of my favorite all time moments on this show).

They went looking for Merlin and that’s when he was creating the message the group watched a few episodes back – the one about finding Nimue. Hook went inside the diner to retrieve Merlin and that’s when everything went south. It turned out he’d been playing Emma and was still listening to the other Dark Ones. He snatched Merlin’s heart and Nimue explained since all the Dark Ones were part of him and she loved Merlin, it was a loophole that would allow the curse to work. That’s when Emma arrived and things turned ugly. The truth came out, but the savior was not about to lose without a fight. She took Killian’s memories and everyone else’s and held him in her arms as the curse overtook them (can we take a moment to swoon over the parallel to Snow and Charming and the curse that started it all? We see what you did there, show).

Anyway, back to Storybrooke. Hook sets out to find Rumple so they can meet on his ship for a duel. He wants to punish him for taking his hand, killing Milah, and setting the darkness loose on Emma (your true love is showing, Captain). Rumple agrees to fight him and Hook even takes away his limp to make it more of a fair fight. All Rumple has to do is disarm him, and then use Excalibur to vanquish him once and for all. Rumple manages to get the upper hand and the sword, but he’s a hero now so he’s not going to kill him. He’d much rather force Hook to live with the knowledge that Rumple beat him. Hook seems okay with that, which seems off, just like the fact that he allowed Rumple to win in the first place because come on. He’s a Dark One. He could have stopped him.

At the library, Emma pleaded with Henry to trust her and help her track down the dreamcatchers. She knew Hook took her memories for a reason and she needed to know why so they could stop him. Henry borrowed a locator spell from Gold’s shop and they found them in the clock tower, but they were protected by magic. Henry used the rest of the squid ink to free Emma because he believed she wanted to change since she came to him for help instead of going it alone (aw). In turn, Emma and Henry met up with the others and Emma returned everyone’s memories, including her own. That meant she knew what Hook’s ultimate plan was…which turned out to be bringing hell to Storybrooke.

Remember that fight he “lost” with Rumple? He needed his blood in order to open the door to the underworld (because Rumple had died, gone to hell, and come back). Once he placed it in the water, a ship came around the bend carrying Nimue and all of the other Dark Ones. They all want to join forces and stomp out the light once and for all. We need to talk more about this, but first, there are two other plot points to mention from the episode:

Robin and Regina agreed to let Zelena have supervised visits with her daughter. Regina believed there might be hope for her sister since loving Henry saved Regina. Did anyone else expect Zelena to poof away as soon as they placed that nameless baby girl in her arms? I’m shocked she didn’t because even as a Zelena fan, I can’t imagine she’s going to be redeemed. But I guess trust is the first step or whatever (still seems a little too risky though). Also, show, would it kill you to let Regina and Robin have important conversations onscreen? I hope these two get more to do in 5B.

As for Rumple and Belle, she showed up to meet him at the well where they got married after he survived his fight with Dark Hook. But Belle did not want to sweep everything under the rug and try again. She’s totally cool with Rumple being on Team Hero now and she’s proud of him, but she has to protect her heart. She’s believed his lies one too many times. I applauded her decision. I’m not against true love winning in the end, this is Once Upon A Time, but I think it’s too soon to just pretend like all the bad things didn’t happen. Yes, Rumple is pure now and magic free, but I can’t blame Belle for needing time. She’s earned that.

Now, back to Dark Hook and some of the terrible things he said to Emma (and about Milah). While I may have been okay with him calling her out on a few things in Camelot, it broke my heart into tiny pieces when he threw the orphan thing in her face along with all of her other deep fears and personal demons. No one can hurt us more than the people who love us most. The darkness knew all the proper buttons to push and after three seasons of watching Killian Jones rise to becoming one of the driving forces of Team Hero, these scenes were painful to watch (but also incredible because Colin O’Donoghue, people. This is how you talent). We have to remember it was the darkness speaking because the show made a point of stressing hero Killian died.

But here’s the thing. I don’t quite believe what the episode is telling us to believe. Hook gave himself over to the darkness a little too fast. Call me a delusional if you want, but I’ve been watching this show for almost 100 episodes now and we’ve never seen a character backslide this fast. Killian Jones is a survivor. He doesn’t just die and let the darkness take over. Throw in the fact that next week is the midseason finale and combine it with the way Emma’s behaved as a Dark One. She did bad things, but for good reasons. Yes, she’s the savior, but if there’s one thing this show loves, it’s parallels. Emma pushed everyone away to make her plan succeed. Maybe Hook’s doing the same thing. Maybe he’s gathering the Dark Ones in one place to allow Emma to get rid of them once and for all. And in doing so, she’d right the wrong and let Killian die for the greater good (just typing that hurts me).


Posted on November 30th, 2015 by Sheila

I have to admit that there are times when I’ve planned on giving up Once Upon A Time. I have genuinely loved the show for a long time, but sometimes it feels like there is too much good TV on. Today, however, was not one of those days. Season 5 has injected new creative juices into the show, and it has become so much more compelling to watch than the few previous seasons. After a long weekend filled with turkey and travelling, the last thing I wanted to do was sit down with this episode, but “Broken Heart” proved absolutely worth my while, and was probably the best episode of the season.

This week on Once Upon A Time: Hook, now with his memories in tact, traps Emma and frees Zelena. Then, he sets out to get his revenge on Emma, Rumplestiltskin, and everyone in Storybrooke. The flashbacks provide further information on Hook’s dark adventures in Camelot, and reveal why Emma stole everyone’s memories. Robin and Regina try to fight Zelena with good instead of evil. Rumple and Hook battle.

Honestly, this episode had me enthralled. As I’ve talked about in my previous reviews, I really appreciated the new direction that Emma has gone this season. That being said, doing the same thing with Hook was even better. As much as I appreciate the leather-clad smoldering and quick, witty comments that Hook usually provides to Once, “Broken Heart” returned him to his villainous ways. Motivated by a ‘broken heart’, revenge, and everything in between, Colin O’Donoghue has turned Hook into the show’s most compelling character overnight.

I also appreciated that Emma was motivated by her love for those involved over everything. Even though we got to see the cool, dark side to Emma this season, she’s a hero at her core and she needed to stay that way. Jennifer Morrison has been ridiculously fun to watch over these past 10, but it’s about time she returns to heroism to try and pull Hook back from the brink.

“Broken Hearts” had perhaps the best use of flashbacks that Once has done in recent memory. They’re really successful when they take things we already know, like Hook becoming a “Dark One,” and still using it to twist and turn the plot. Like (SPOILERS) Hook killing Merlin? Brutal, but an excellent, compelling twist.

More than anything, I appreciate that Season 5B (or so it would seem) will be directly tied to 5A in some way. Given what has already been revealed about a journey to the underworld, Season 5A and 5B appear to be directly related. Not to dog the way the last few seasons have played out, but Once is at its absolute best when all 22 (ish) episodes tell a pretty closely related story. With next week as the fall finale, they could not possibly resolve every extraneous plot thread by next week, and I’m so excited to see where that goes.

Okay. I’m revoking one star for the RumBelle “twist.” Not necessary. They’ve been through enough.

Any good theories on how next week sends characters to the underworld? I’m assuming that they will attempt to rescue a character from the dead, whether it be Hook, Emma, or someone already dead like Merlin. Of course I’m just spitballing based on what I already know. Would love to hear your theories!

I still think “Broken Heart” was the best episode of the season so far. I’m hoping the fall finale will top it.


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