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“You know something? You never know when a family is spending their last Christmas together. At least I didn’t.”

Norman Quested the Third

The role of Norman is the first big feature part for 21-year-old, Colin O’Donoghue, from Dundalk, who graduated from the Gaiety School of Acting in 2001. “This is my first television shoot and it is entirely different to theatre – but I really like it, really enjoy it. I think I’ve been very lucky to get this as my first film – everyone’s been really nice. I was nervous at the start. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but Charlie and all the crew and cast were very reassuring and now I’d love to do more TV – loads more!”

“Norman is like an angel’, Colin explained, ‘or then again he could be dark either. It’s really up to the audience to decide. It’s very ambiguous but that’s what I like about him. As an elder in the ‘Church of the Kingdom of God on Earth Now’, was the American accent a bit of a challenge? “I did work on it for the audition’, Colin admitted, ‘and I did a few hours with a dialect coach. I love doing accents anyway.”

Acting is ultimately what Colin always wanted to do. ” I did toy briefly with the idea of going to art college – but acting was always really the thing. After graduating, I did a play with the Quarehawks Theatre Company – about suicide and young men in rural towns. I was thrown straight in at the deep end. It was a great experience. It seems I’m attracted to the darker side of things!”


Who Is Colin?

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Colin O’Donoghue is an Irish actor/musician. He was born in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland on January 26th, 1981. He is best known for his role as Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones in Once Upon a Time and his role as Michael Kovak in The Rite.

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The Right Stuff
Colin as Gordon Cooper
Status: Watch now on DisneyPlus
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U.S. fighter pilots are recruited to test experimental aircraft and rockets to become the first Mercury astronauts. TV adaptation of Tom Wolfe's book, 'The Right Stuff'.
Fairytale Of New York
Colin as Shane
Status: Finalized
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Fairytale is a sweeping romantic story.
Colin as Gerry [Voice]
Status: Filming
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The curtain is pulled back on the millennia-old battle between the organizations of good luck and bad luck that secretly affects everyday lives.
Kiss Me Judas
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